Veterans Today article “Intel Cowboys” may confirm Fulford/Wilcock/Brockbrader/Drake predictions — or not!

Update: May 13, 2012: I am about half-way through an interview with Clif High on Red Ice Radio that talks in part about Fulford, Wilcock and Drake. He has a very interesting perspective that contradicts all of them, and throws Fulford and Wilcock into a “false by well-meaning” category and Drake into another category altogether. I will watch the rest.

I constantly remind myself — during this extremely volatile time when everything’s “up in the air” and can fall back to the ground in any number of configurations — to stay grounded in my body, plant my feet on this beautiful living Earth, smell the flowers, dig my hands in the soil, feel the water and wind on my skin . . .

The mind cannot expand fast enough to contain, integrate, and act upon the deluge of freaky factoids forcing their way in —

Once again I resolve: Let go of the mind. Move into the heart.

This is a very long, and astonishing article. I have yet to do more than skim most of it — nor have I watched any of the videos — but it delves deeply into what may be one of the main forces behind the rumored mass arrests scenario. Or, maybe not mass arrests. Maybe something else. As the article puts it: Intel cowboys “can work in deep cover and their work is usually never sensed until a govt is taken down (ie collapses) because they are that good at what they do.”

The author’s main point is that a program that started out with good intentions went very bad very quickly, and that the (formerly compartmentalized and) extremely competent “intel cowboys” that it nurtured are now connecting the dots and turning on their maker.

I post the URL with a few sample excerpts from the article’s final sections.

The Intel Cowboys

The Expected Repatriotization of the Intel Cowboys

by Preston James, Ph.D.


This post WW2 Shadow Govt was actually the step child creation of the large defense contractors and the Wall Street banks, adequately fertilized to grow out of control by the UFO flap and the cold war, with good cover from the sheeple provided by the invocation of the cloak of national security. It has now become clear to many intel cowboys that top pentagon officials, large defense contractors, and the big wall street banks have had a very large interest in eliciting wars to generate huge profits not otherwise attainable any other way. The shadow govt has emerged essentially as a hidden or secret govt that controls the visible “elected” govt.


It is interesting to note that numerous Intel Cowboys with former “beyond black” clearances have connected the dots and figured out the actual NWO globalist plan of the Shadow Govt and are leaking information for the first time, and much of this information reveals the deepest secrets of the shadow govt and those that control it. These intel cowboys have made their own rules for many years, and at present are being left alone for the most part. The current Shadow Govt philosophy apparently is that it is best to ignore them because their disclosures are far too incredulous to be believed by the sheeple, no major new media will cover them (editors are great gatekeepers, all of ‘em), and some of these intel cowboys have the capability to seriously retaliate in spades if not left alone (which is what most want, ie to just be left alone to finish their lives in peace). Up until now the big boys believed that it is best to let sleeping dogs lie with these intel cowboys as they can become highly dangerous when provoked. They can work in deep cover and their work is usually never sensed until a govt is taken down (ie collapses) because they are that good at what they do. But it appears that this leakage is continuing due to their connecting the dots and increasing perceptions that those at the top have gone way too far and must be stopped.


A critical mass may soon be reached because the internet serves as the new “Gutenberg Press” and is eliciting the third force of populism, the new moral density of society that can take down any govt that goes too far. It is rumored that some of these cowboys are now “back at work” in the deepest roles of their lives and this time they are working for the sheeple and themselves and not for the shadow govt, who they now perceive as the real enemy inside the gates. All the narrow compartmenting is failing and these folks are connecting the dots. And the shadow govt and its cutouts are in complete confusion as to how to clamp down on the internet and convert it to the information control vehicle they expected in the first place. Their continued efforts to take complete control have failed and appear doomed. It is obvious that any serious attempts to restrict the internet will likely result in considerable and severe pushback from all sectors of society, even the uniformed sheeple. This alone would likely wake many up. Pandora’s box has been opened and it is probably too late to close it. This isn’t Nazi Germany in 1935, and returning Vets, Ron Paul supporters and Constitutional Patriots will refuse to be the New Jews no matter how hard the USG tries to treat them as such.

The Sheeple are Waking Up and Arming

Do the math, the calculations are simple. Guns being bought by the public at the rate of 6 million a month. Count the number of Vets, hunters and gun enthusiasts who will fight like hell if civil war breaks out, provoked and cornered by the shadow govt. Police and the active National Guard and military will revolt and foreign troops will be called in to fight, but they will be defeated as armories are sacked and weapons systems are turned against the traitors at the top, the enemies within that our Constitution mentions. When push comes to shove the only ones going to the Fema and Internment camps will likely be those who are pushing them now. The American sheeple have been dumbed down and have been asleep, but they are now a waking giant, and when fully awake will take back their country and crush all enemies within the gates.

Mission Creep and What Went Wrong Inside Secret World of Intel?

An honest appraisal of the USG’s response to the cold war will conclude that the creation of intelligence agencies to fight World Communism was certainly justified and overall attained great success. Unfortunately almost all those fighting the cold war did not realize that it was set up from the very start by the ruling super-elite banking related families many years before, in response to their intergenerational hidden agendas and secret plans to Industrialize and Globalize the world via conjured wars, both hot and cold. Unfortunately it’s been all about money, stripping as much as possible from the sheeple, and wars and illegal narcotics trafficking are the best means to do so. The cold war mission of the intel world started out good, but became an end all unto itself as the Leo Straussian existential credo, “the end justifies the means” became the operating justification for all sorts of the criminal acts that would never otherwise have been committed or allowed unless rule of law was suspended under national security. This cloak of national security has become the standard operating procedure and isnow routinely invoked as cover for criminal war profiting, illegal drug trafficking and money laundering. Most wars appear to be related to capturing illegal drug supply lines or oil or other mineral mining. It appears that numerous older intel cowboys are now seeing the shadow govt as a criminal enterprise that is out of touch and out of control, and has been completely hijacked by foreign based offshore banking power and is now the main threat to the US Republic and the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Is A New Red Terror Now Emerging from The Enemy Inside the Gates and will the Intel Cowboys Go back to Work to Energize the Sheeple and create a Critical Mass of Populism?

Some Patriots have said that the Red Coats are no longer coming again; they are already here and appear to be trying to institute a NWO communist system with a new Red Terror now being unveiled by the Homeland Security (the New American Gestapo) and their evil stepchild the TSA. If this is true, that our Administration has essentially gone communist or communitarian it can be expected that fairly soon numerous intel cowboys will do what they have to do to get this system unglued at the seams. And if this is true it likely involves all administrations going back to JFK.

Consider the illegal, unConstitutional fascist style Patriot Acts, Bank Bailouts, Military Commissions Act, NDAA 2012, Homeland Security’s orders for over 750 Million small arms rounds, and bullet proof checkpoint booths, and hundreds of armored cars. To anyone who examines the evidence, it sure seem obvious that the USG and the Shadow Govt have declared war against the American people and are gearing up to attack patriots, gun owners, homeschoolers, and Ron Paul supporters. And why all the Govt plans to bring in thousands of Spetznatz for training starting in late May? Why are the police being militarized and dressed in black like SS storm troopers? Why do the gun laws and the Patriot Acts mimic Nazi legislation almost word for word?

If numerous intel cowboys, many of which who specialize in advanced psyops and high tech political manipulations, actually go back to work on their own, independently for the sake our our Republic, few will realize it while they work until their missions are completed and the Republic is restored, because they are that good at what they do. Awaking the sheeple is likely going to be one of their primary goals. If the Shadow Govt gets desperate enough and institutes another inside job false flag attack, this time they will be quickly exposed and the backlash will be immense at all levels. America is a sleeping giant that may now be awaking from its slumber. Once it fully awakes those criminals that have hijacked the USG and used it as a big cash machine to asset strip the sheeple will likely have hell to pay.


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  1. Susan McElroy says:

    I’m pondering this morning—if the goal in all of this upheaval is to remain fully open-hearted and unattached to whatever the outcomes may be, wouldn’t unattachment and open-heartedness be better facilitated by not reading any of this stuff at all? If it is all suspect anyhow, and just some other people opinions, what is the point in reading and pondering any of it?

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