Pointings for May 11, 2012: Adrianna an ET? More Bankster and Wilcock, plus Ellen Brown

A potpourri of pointings for today, just before I really do take off for the weekend. (Maybe.)


Okay, so tell me, what in hell is this about? It says it’s a “sponsor generated” story. Meaning? A subliminal message that Adrianna is ET? A decided denial that ET exists? A subliminal message that ET does exist?

Oh, I get it! It’s an ad for a website, meninblacksuitsarereal.com, which claims to be run by one “Bug-Eyes,” who says he’s (she’s?) fourteen years old!. . . .

If it is an ad, it must have cost a fortune. Or maybe it’s just the kid of friends of hers?

• huffingtonpost.com: Adrianna Huffington responds: “I am not an alien, Bug Eyes!


Ommigod, banksters!

Here’s Robert Reich, beginning to lend perspective to the J P Morgan’s Jamie Dimon admission that (at least) $2 billion have vanished:

• marketplayground.com: Robert Reich: How J.P. Morgan Chase Has Made the Case for Breaking Up The Big Banks and Resurrecting Glass-Steagall

And here’s a piece that gathers perspectives of a number of people, including Matt Taibbi and Bernie Sanders.

“Asking why average Americans should care about the news, Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi answers: “because J.P. Morgan Chase is a federally-insured depository institution that has been and will continue to be the recipient of massive amounts of public assistance. If the bank fails, someone will reach into your pocket to pay for the cleanup. So when they gamble like drunken sailors, it’s everyone’s problem.”

Sanders: “The debacle at J.P. Morgan Chase reaffirms my view that the largest six banks in this country, including J.P. Morgan Chase, which have assets equivalent to two-thirds of our GDP, must be broken up.”

• commondreams.org: JP Morgan’s $2 Billion Tumble Renews Call: ‘Break Up the Big Banks’


Generational Wars?

A new piece by Ellen Brown sends chills up my spine. Is this deliberate? Oh, wait a minute. The title is somewhat misleading. It doesn’t refer to robbing seniors to pay young people. It refers to the debts incurred by seniors for student loans to try to retrain themselves at the end of which they are unemployable; so their Social Security will then be garnished to pay off their student debts. Draconian.

Brown, a decidedly unusual economist who advocates state banks and transformation of military war-machine jobs to civilian infrastructure projects, also delineates a number of ways that the problem of student debts of both young and old can be solved.

• truthout.org: Ellen Brown, Seniors’ Social Security Garnished for Student Debts


Good trumps Evil?

Remember that Pointings May 9th story about the Fall of the Archons? Well, here’s an update:

• 2012portal.blogspot.ca: Clarification about Fall of the Archons


I listened to the two-hour David Wilcock interview on Coast to Coast at 3:30 this morning during my insomniac hours, and still wanting more specifics to his claim of ET Intervention. The first thing he said was that the increasing volume and quality of ETs in the sky are one “data-point,” as are the facts that guns are jamming and missiles not operational. He gave no specific incident to back this up. Then he segued into something I hadn’t ever heard before. He said that the Apollo 13 mission got in trouble because it was carrying some kind of nuclear device to the Moon, and that nuclear material would contaminate the Moon much more heavily than it does on Earth because it has no atmosphere. He also references Robert Hasting’s work, which is always worth remembering (his book: Nukes and UFOs), and the press conference Hastings gave with people who work at nuclear installations and had experience of missiles being defused, etc. It was a wide-ranging interview, but I still came away hungry — for what, I’m not sure. Maybe certainty about the future? Wanting to know for sure what’s going to happen? If so, that’s my problem, and I need to address it, since I officially claim not to need certainty, or “true beliefs” anymore!

• kuailapele’s blog: David Wilcock on Coast to Coast 5/9/12

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  1. the dave says:

    Hi Ann, Long before David was talking about ET intervention. Sheldan Nidle and Mike Quinsey were bringing info on the subject. Sheldan since 1998 and Mike from a few years later. Everything they’ve said 14 years ago til now match pretty perfectly with what is happening now as reported by David, Drake and others. Nidle is paoweb.com and both are on galacticchannelings.com. – But there so many sources now reporting on this, it would be stranger if it didn’t happen than if it did –

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