Pointings for May 9, 2012: Bankster News — and three expanding concentric perspectives upon this news

Bankster News

Michael Tellinger has now been interviewed by a premier news outlet in South Africa about a lawsuit that he’s filing against a big bank there, and says, in the interview, that they all work the same way.

• From lots of sources, it appears to be going viral:

From Tellinger’s April 24th press release:

“People are completely oblivious to how they have been conned and deceived by their banks about money and how it is created, but once they find out the terrible truth about how banks really operate and how they use our signature to profiteer on us, and how they make money out of thin air, they will be very angry and realise how important this action against the banks is”

And here is a post from his fp page, which I got this morning, supposedly “17 hours” after it was put up, so current news?

“Iceland is a great example for us here in South Africa. Although it has a very small population, it was a great precursor of what can and will happen once people stand together around the world. It seems that we may have beaten the Toll Gate scam here in SA – today the CEO resigned. Now – let’s get the Banking CEOs to resign and start the domino effect – follow Iceland’s example as an intermediate step on the way to full blown UBUNTU Contributionism. A world without money and abundance for all. Love and Light. Michael.”


Here’s more on the Bank of America shareholder protests in the U.S. that I mentioned in yesterday’s pointings. Another huff post article from yesterday speaks of these Occupy protests foreshadowing the Democratic Convention this September. From that article:

“Occupy Wall Street veteran Max Berger said he sees fighting Bank of America as a critical piece of the movement’s goals. “I think Bank of America is the most important thing that Occupy Wall Street has going on right now,” he said. “I look at Bank of America as the weak spot in the entire financial system. The campaign to break up Bank of America is like Luke blowing up the Death Star. It’s the one thing that keeps the whole thing together. This is the opportunity to hold the people who destroyed the economy accountable for what they did.”

• huffpost.com: Bank Of America Protests Begin At Shareholder Meeting (LATEST UPDATES)


Expanding perspectives on Bankster News

This piece interests me in that the author speaks of a divide between the American military and what he terms the bankster-run government. I wouldn’t connect the dots the way he does, but that he sees such a divide may be a clue to the what may be the essential truth of the Bill Brockbrader/Drake predictions of mass arrests.

• newswithviews: Red Dawn and The Chicago Spring


Now we get to the really juicy part: “Archon” involvement in all this. Read the whole thing. I do have a sense that this nefarious plot, or something like it, has been in place for millennia, and that we humans are consciously re-awakening — to our harmonious attunement with our beloved Earth, our alliance with evolving beings from elsewhere, and our own extraordinary potential. That we are busting this “prison planet” wide open. Yes!

• 2012portal: Fall of the Archons


Finally, think that’s impossible? That “there’s nothing new under the sun?” That “human nature doesn’t change”? That DNA is the immutable bottom line? — because, according to our imprisoned consciousness, there’s always got to be a bottom line, right? Otherwise, oh no! we’ll be unmoored, we’ll reach that dreaded philosophical “infinite regress,” bust through our assumptions, and fall forever through space! Eeeeek!

Hell no, we won’t go! There’s no where to go, we’re all here, now, floating, dreaming, loving, communing, one infinite divine awareness breathing in and out worlds upon worlds upon worlds.

Yes. Contemplate this piece, its implications:

• wakeupworld.com: Scientists prove DNA can be reprogrammed with words, frequencies

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