Pointings for May 8, 2012

This Pointings begins and ends with the young, their student debt, their difficult start in life that has led them to Occupy as a last resort and, hopefully, a new beginning collectively, for our shared world.

Looking at their future through the usual myopic cultural lens, what are their choices? Walmart clerk? Yard work? Fodder for the military? Graduate school with more debt?

(BTW: I hear from graduate students and professors here at IU that in some departments at research universities, M.A. candidates have to pay their own way and Ph.D. candidates get a free ride. The difference? Research grants that need bodies. My question: how much of this research is government-driven, i.e., part of the industrial/military, medical- pharmaceutical, Monsanto war-economy?)

But, and it’s a big but: time to be creative. What would the universe miss, if it didn’t have YOUR unique, irreplaceable energy? Start your own business, the one you’ve always known is yours. Kickstart it into motion. Rely on US, for you! For example, see this:


On Student Debt:

• truthdig.com: End Student Debt Now, Says the Nation


On the Ron Paul that just won’t go away:

Though I’m all for his foreign policy, I’m not so sure about anything else that he represents. The usual mixed bag. Aren’t we all? And yet, he’s real, he’s authentically himself. Of how many in politics can we say that?

Ignored and marginalized by the MSM in 2008, and still marginalized in 2012, but dissatisfied voters are starting to hear his ideas and get used to them, rather than think them radical. Especially since his strategy of building up the delegate counts is slowly and surely working . . .

Ron Paul supporters are so passionate and engaged, and they learned so much in 2008! It’s going to come to a head at the Republican convention in August.

Warning: drama ahead. Don’t get caught up . . .

• RT: Is Ron Paul electable?


On Pious Catholic Hypocrisy:

The sickening pedophiliac stain on the already soiled gilded robes of the male Catholic clergy — news of which began to leak out in the mid-1980s, that’s nearly 30 years ago! — took another dreary turn today when the Irish bishop refused to resign and pretended to “apologize,” while saying a documentary on the subject, aired on the BBC today, “was seriously misleading, saying it had exaggerated his role in the inquiry.”

• reuters.com: Head of Irish church apologizes to sex abuse victims


Now, for possible good news, at least it sounds good, and might work better than usual here in the humid midwest.

• cnn.com: Wind Power from Thin Air


And finally,


For historical background on why Occupy is so very important, see Chomsky’s latest article.

Though no longer interesting to the ADD (attention deficit disorder) MSM, the dichotomy between the 1% and the 99% is now embedded in the national psyche and Occupy continues to worm its way into the corridors of pretend-power. For example:

• understory.ran.org: Bank of America Shareholder Protests Already Underway

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