My inventor son’s Garden Tower Project has nearly 1500 fans!

Here’s from the Update the three partners sent out this afternoon to their Facebook fans:

Wow, almost 1500 fans in 3 weeks! Thank you for sharing about our important project. We’re working hard to make real gardening a possibility for millions who don’t have access to an unpaved piece of our gorgeous Earth. We have forty days left to show people that this is the best innovation in urban food production ever. Please keep talking and the support will come!”

Thank you!

Joel, Colin & Ramsay

Reminder: they are about a third of the way through a campaign to fund set up costs for manufacturing the second-generation Garden Tower. Mass production will bring costs down and allow them to make it very affordable. They need $290,000. They have about $31,000 now. They are just starting to ramp up. Please help! Let’s viralize this one.

It’s so intensely wonderful to think that we, the 99%, can, on our own, raise the funds necessary to do serious good in the world. All across the internet, people kicking in whatever they can, many of them ordering towers as they do. Pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps.

F**!# the banks!

Joel came over last night with seedling plants to spring plant the first generation hand-made Garden Tower that we have in the GANG garden. He also removed the compost the worms made in the past two months and worked it into the tower’s soil. Check out their website to see how the Garden Tower makes its own fertilizer with the only inputs being a worms, kitchen scraps, and (not much) water. Voila!

The Garden Tower Project is “container gardening with a mission.”

Okay, here goes the soapbox (can’t help it. I’m an evangelical Sagittarian, cosmic cheerleader):

What’s YOUR mission.

What can YOU do to shake up your world?

Mine’s the GANG garden,

and the Green Acres Neighborhood Ecovillage,

and the Green Acres Gift Circle,

and Transition Bloomington,


Wake up! It’s time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

I took pictures just now, and will update every few days so you can see just how fast plants grow in the Tower. It rained last night, so two quarts of tea-colored, nutrient-dense water had already drained out into the container underneath which I then poured back on top where it will continue to nurture first the little tomato plants, and then all 45 seedling plants down below.

Here’s a little show. Includes one glorious pink lotus . . .

Tower, with my house in the background.

Close-up, rain-spattered . . .

Tower stands sentinel, at the head of the pond.


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