Pointings for May 7, 2012

Today’s four earlier posts have been unusual, in that they each carry a punch, despite very different contexts and messages. Three are either very abstract or very simple, and yet easily understood. The fourth, on “the real”? Obama, will throw most people into a tailspin. Yet all do flow as one, and provide a measure of our accelerated capacity to both absorb new factoids and put brand new spins on them, daily, minute by minute. Over and over again, the world blinks, in and out, in and out . . . just as waves and particles blink from one to the other, and always there is the void which holds them both and where the Now resides, presenting the crucial moment of choice: how do we want to see? For what we see is what we will get.


Bankster news:

This is good background info. Condensed. Over the top, which, of course, it is!

• americankabuki.com: Official Bankster Dictionary


Private Prisons:

Such a delicious irony that RT would report on the gulag movement in Amerika. Here’s a great interview with old-fashioned investigative reporter Russ Baker, whose site, whowhatwhy.com which he subtitles, “forensic journalism,” I just discovered. His analysis of why the article in the New Yorker on the supposed take-down of Bin Laden feels false articulated exactly what I felt when I read it and decided not to re-up my long-time subscription to that magazine which, I suddenly realized, has been taken over by the surfaces that it used to dive underneath.

• RT.com (video): Wells Fargo behind For Profit Prisons


The dreaded Fukushima situation:

Here’s a set of just-in references and notes from Jean Hudon, of earthrainbownetwork.com, including what John Kettler says about what the ETs/EDs are doing to stabilize the situation at Fukushima.

• Fukushima reactor No. 4 vulnerable to catastrophic collapse; could unleash 85 times Cesium-137 radiation of Chernobyl; human civilization on the brink (May 06, 2012)
(NaturalNews) The news you are about to read puts everything else in the category of “insignificant” by comparison. Concerned about the 2012 U.S. presidential election? Worried about GMOs? Fluoride? Vaccines? Secret prisons? None of that even matters if we don’t solve the problem of Fukushima reactor No. 4, which is on the verge of a catastrophic failure that could unleash enough radiation to end human civilization on our planet. (See the numbers below.) The resulting releasing of radiation would turn North America into a “dead zone” for humans… mutated (and failed) crops, radioactive groundwater, skyrocketing infant mortality, an explosion in cancer and infertility… this is what could be unleashed at any moment from an earthquake in Japan. CLIP
Fukushima reactor 4 requires urgent intervention; coalition calls for emergency UN action to halt catastrophic release of radiation (May 06, 2012)
(NaturalNews) Kyoto, Japan — On 30 April, seventy-two Japanese NGO organizations lead by Shut Tomari and Green Action send an urgent request to the UN and Japanese government urging immediate action to stabilize the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Unit 4 spent nuclear fuel. The letter was endorsed by experts from Japan and abroad. The letter warned that the seriously damaged Unit 4 spent nuclear fuel pool contains Cesium-137 (Cs-137) that is equivalent to 10 times the amount released at the time of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. If an earthquake or other event were to cause this pool to drain, this could result in a catastrophic radiological fire.The letter urged the United Nations to organize a Nuclear Safety Summit to take up the crucial problem of the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 spent nuclear fuel pool. CLIP
John Kettler says: May 6, 2012 at 10:41 pm X
Lou (re Fukushima), (…) The ETs/EDs are on it, have stabilized the structure with force fields (so no 1500 rods falling down), are working on radioactive cleanup and are working to bring in more forces to deal with this rather dire global situation. Hope this helps you sleep better at night! — OF COURSE, THERE IS NO WAY TO ASSERT THE VALIDITY OF THIS CLAIM, BUT IT WOULD SEEM TO BE PLAUSIBLE IF ONE BELIEVES IN ET/ED MONITORING OF WHAT’S GOING ON HERE AND STEALTHY ASSISTANCE WHENEVER NEEDED… AND ALSO FROM MATTHEW’S LATEST (May 1st) MESSAGE
“It is extremely heartening that by now few lightworkers are jolted by ominous-sounding information in Internet articles or messages from off-planet dark entities or dire reports in mainstream media. Yet, some lightworkers, like so many people who aren’t, dive headlong into fear until the newest prediction or claim is proven baseless. In previous messages we have specified scores of those kinds of deliberate disinformation or doomsday scenarios, so we won’t repeat those, but we shall assure you that all recent scary-sounding situations, such as heavier saber-rattling about Iran, potential radiation from an explosion in Japan and Al Qaida’s plans for terrorism, will come to naught. It is beyond the time when fear can refuel the dark ones among you who feed on fear energy, or can detour or delay Earth’s ascension journey. However, fear still has a potent role in the destiny of individuals. With unconditional love, we urge you to develop your capacity for discernment and go within for answers. Whether you think of this as reaching your higher self, godself, inner knowing, God Himself or any other designation you may call this “voice”, it is your soul, wherein all truth is known, communicating with your consciousness.”


Industrial Medicine:

“What if these shots that are supposed to protect kids actually hurt your child?”

“The majority of vaccine research is paid for by the vaccine manufacturers themselves.”

• nextworldtv.com: The Greater Good trailer


Real Religion:

Two stories here, one from a Catholic nun in her ’70s on the Vatican’s absurd reprimand, plus her picture which drew me in like a magnet; the other a retired Episcopalian bishop lionized by Chris Hedges for his articulate and deeply passionate transformation from Viet Nam killing machine to a lifetime of atonement. Here’s a quote from the nun, Bridget McDonald:

MinnPost photo by Bill Kelley

“I am suspicious of the motivation. I don’t think it is for the common good. They are trying to get us back, bring us back, as it was in the beginning and now as it will ever be, amen, or something like that. They want us back in the habits and being obedient. You don’t belong out here with social workers.

“I can’t imagine it working. I think we are too wrapped up in the issues of the time. You can’t just forget the common good and the people who are suffering right now. The more you are with those in pain, the more radical you become to overcome that pain. I don’t think it is possible to go backwards.”

• www.minnpost.com: Sister Brigid McDonald calls Vatican’s Reprimand of U.S. Nuns Group A ‘Misuse of Power’

And here’s a quote from the Retired Bishop George Packard, who uses unusually colorful language to describe what he knows and how and why he acts:

‘‘Arrests are not arrests anymore,” Packard said as we talked Friday in a restaurant overlooking Zuccotti Park in New York. ‘‘They are badges of honor. They are, as you are taken away with your comrades, exhilarating. The spirit is calling us now into the streets, calling us to reject the old institutional orders. There is no going back. You can’t sit anymore in churches listening to stogy liturgies. They put you to sleep. Most of these churches are museums with floorshows. They are a caricature of what Jesus intended.”

• Truthdig.com, Chris Hedges: The People’s Bishop


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