My experience of 5/5/12, Super Full Moon Global Meditation

Update, 3:50 p.m. See Sandra’s comment. And what about your experience?

All day I was in an unusually meditative state. Not that I was even “trying,” or “remembering” to get back there whenever the “real world” would grab me. Simply, the 3D world didn’t grab me. I was, more than usual, living, actually living inside the oceanic plenum beneath the white caps of the breaking waves. As if I had surrendered to oneness.

I said, in a post yesterday, that I would be observing the Global Awareness Day meditation at 11:30 p.m. EDT, as per Cobra’s instructions. Actually, when I wrote that, I secretly thought I would probably observe it at 10:30 p.m., since I couldn’t imagine being able to stay up much later than my usual 9:30 p.m. bedtime. And besides, I said to myself, central Indiana is on the edge of EDT/CDT, so I could observe either one and still enter the global frequency field we intended to create at the moment of the Super Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio, Buddha’s Birthday, Enlightenment Day and Death Day.

But guess what! Last night, lying in bed, when I finally finished the very engrossing book I was reading, I looked at my iPhone — 11:31 p.m.!

So I put the book down. Lay on my back, hands to my sides, and began to breath, consciously — what I had been doing all day, but now with laser focused intent. Breathing out all left-brain thoughts, ideas. Over and over. Letting go.

Breathing in was like entering a mysterious temple, warm, full, vibrating with loving expectancy. Being at one with the all-one was easy, like falling into the ocean and breathing water. Like an unborn baby, like an embryo, all of us forming, forming something mysterious and unknown.

I don’t know how long that sense of full “communion of souls” (a phrase I’ve always loved from my Catholic background) went on in our 3D time — perhaps five minutes? Seven minutes? — when, all of a sudden, a lurching whack, a tumultuous churning storm of fear, dread, angst, confusion — sideswiping, engulfing, leaving me? us? awash . . . struggling to right myself? ourself?

And in the midst of that, witness consciousness, clear as a bell: this is some kind of attack — HAARP? EMP? who knows, but it is an insidious, and seemingly very powerful effort to derail this global meditation. Why? Because the cabal knows that this kind of focused global awareness on peace and harmony trumps all of their efforts to keep us separated, isolated, and victimized. RIDE IT OUT.

So I (we?) did. I (we?) rode it out. The witness consciousness was the liferaft in the churning sea, helping me (us?) to not identify with the storm that had tried to derail the meditation. It wasn’t going to be able to stop us, nor would it last very long.

How to estimate the time of the churning negativity? I don’t know. Maybe another five minutes? Ten? I (we?) rode it out and on the other side I “woke up” into the realization that what I was now focusing on was my own small part in this global awakening. I was visualizing the eventual sacred beauty that my home, and garden, and the community garden next door to me, and the neighborhood I live in was going to embody. How I (we) would, with dedicated focused intent, continue to transform our neighborhood into a village, and in the process, make it whole, holy.

It was the witness part of me that noticed this is what I was doing in the rest of the meditation, which lasted for another ten minutes or so, until midnight. And the witness noticed that others were also visualizing, with deep intent, the realization of their part of this vast endeavor that we have embarked upon, to heal our fractured, poisoned world.

I debated talking about this here. What if that storm that engulfed me was only mine? Coming from my own unhealed unconsciousness? What if my assumption that it was more likely ours is just my hubris, the Sagittarian’s tendency to inflate all particulars into abstract generalities? What if I’m wrong?

But whatever it is that guides me to do this blog day after day (even on weekends, when I said I wouldn’t do it), sat me down here, this Sunday morning, with the beauty of May 6 matching that of May 5th. With my morning walk with Shadow already done, with love in the air, and all beings breathing.

The pond in our Green Acres Neighborhood Garden (GANG).

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  1. Does anyone remember the song “Moon over Miami”? That played in my head as I watched the moon rise this evening over the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, Africa. It is spectacular. Wonder how the animals, including the 5 big game ones, respond in the wild to a moon like this, AND to the energy fields that were so real today? I woke with a head-ache and the frequency that I now hear was much clearer and stronger….both caused by the increase in 5th dimensional energy. And yes, Ann, I too experienced spiritual ‘turbulance’ and so did my prayer partner…his was panic and fear, mine was murderous hatred.

  2. Perhaps you might be interested in looking at my original naturalistic theory and use of synchronicities. My book – the result of a fifty year research of the mysteries and challenges of synchronicities is found on Amazon – synchronicities. The title is:DEMYSTIFYING MEANINGFUL COINCIDENCES (SYNCHRONICITIES): The Evolving Self, The Personal Unconscious, and The Creative Process.

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