In honor of big Hulking Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon morning, Shadow and I head to the InDiana woodlands . . .

Imagine it! All the various nodes that this particular Moon (May 5-6) punches in:

1. May’s Taurus/Scorpio is said to be most sacred Full Moon of any year. Certainly the most potent, along with November when the Sun and Moon reverse positions. I just read that not only is the Buddha, who forsake the pleasures and wealth of a prince to dedicate his life to peace and harmony of all mankind, said to have been born, but he also achieved enlightenment, and died — all on this Full Moon.

2. This particular Full Moon also happens to coincide with Wesak, one of the cross-quarter days (midway between Equinox and Solstice).

3. It happens also to be a “Super Full Moon” — larger than usual.

And, if David Icke and Gurdjieff are right, it’s a great time to be “eaten” by the Moon, should you choose to stay unconscious and let your emotional body rule you.

4. This year, the May Full Moon is the day that at least two versions of a global meditation event are circulation. One called 5-5-5, and the other, World Liberation Day.

Yes, I’d say, liberate ourselves from the heavy, dark, ponderous, negative, emotional sway of the Moon Matrix, which has held humanity in thrall for thousands of years, and which, if Icke and others are right, is not a real, natural satellite.

We’re all waiting for the mass arrests to begin. It may be that this mass meditation is what will kick it off.

Yesterday, in another post on this Full Moon, I suggested that we move into a constant meditative state. But Cobra’s instructions are pretty simple to follow. To simplify further, just do this:

Sit in a comfortable spot with no distractions. Imagine yourself connecting with the global mind of humanity, what Teilhard de Chardin so beautifully named “the noosphere.”

1. Let go of all thoughts through the conscious use of the breath.

2. Keep letting go, on and on, of any thought that flits in, aware but not attached.

2. Keep breathing consciously. Imagine the mass arrests of those responsible as initiating a global, nonviolent cleanse of all that has held humanity in chains.

3. Still breathing consciously, imagine our world returning to the harmonious laws that all of Nature obey, and which only humans, through through the false dichotomy of matter and spirit, has tried and failed, to avoid. Imagine being at one with the universe — because you are!

Okay, so that’s done. Now I can show you what Shadow and I encountered in the woods near Monroe Lake this glorious morning when all of Nature is singing.

‘Twas a dark, steamy, moody morning . . . so very Taurus/Scorpio in feeling . . .

And the birds, the birds! A delirious cacophony of drunken birds singing praise to the morning . . . Where were they? Couldn’t see them. They were calling each other, back and forth, many species, over our heads. . .

Puppy Shadow, as usual, led the way, delirious, too, with joy. . .

Little ones graced us with their presence — white, yellow, purple — along the winding, 4-mile “Pate Hollow” trail . . .

At one point, we stopped, so that I could commune with a tree that stood in the middle of a small clearing. And what I got, when I stood with my back to its strong majesty, was “stability;” that as trees offer stability and continuity during spring’s riotous growth, so must I. That, as the cycle for a tree is longer than that for a flower, or a vegetable, or a leaf, so must my long life offer perspective for others who have not, like me, almost reached their 70th birthday, and who cannot, like me, touch into living memory of the ’60s, when the seeds springing to life now were sown in the wind and landed in what we now realize and are so very grateful for, deliciously fertile soil . . .

Then we kept going. Appreciating . . .

Green glory neverending . . . and the light, the light!

I swear. At some point I felt woozy, this morning InDiana, Goddess of the Woodlands — psychedelic . . .

Is this not psychedelic? This tree with whatever those wondrous little things growing, in disorderly rows, out from its bark . . .

But then, oops, just like that, we’re done!

Ah, but no, not quite. I held that meditative space. I still hold that place full of praise, of grace, as I sit here, gazing out the screens of my front porch, to the spring glory, it’s delirious cacophony of riotous birds, outside. (And, I just noticed, its butterflies!)

Tonight, at about 11:30 p.m., when the Moon is fullest for EDT, I will forsake my solitude for the noosphere.

See/feel you there!

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