Pointings for March 4, 2012

I thought compressing many stories on one page would free me up. Actually, it made my work harder. . . So that, here I am at the end of the “work week” (something I’ve never paid attention to until I started this blog) and I’m pooped, need the weekend off. Hmm. Not sure I will continue the “pointings.” Or maybe I just need to go off-screen for the ENTIRE WEEKEND. I think, yes, I think I will do that. (BUT SO HARD! I’M ADDICTED!) And then, only then, decide.

The following story, based on a new Reuters poll, went viral instantly. Why? Because it’s juicy fear-porn? Or, because we are surprised that so many people are stupid enough to be taken in by literal, fundamentalist interpretations of the Mayan prophecies? Or the opposite: because we’re surprised that people are smarter than we think, and realize that our way of life is wildly unsustainable?

At any rate, I see Mike Adams’ perspective on this story as reasonable. What is not “reasonable,” (i.e., coming in from the five outer senses and analyzed according to the rules of left brain logic) and yet is something I still bet on intuitively, is what Adams does not “cover”: forces (beings, civilizations, dimensions) beyond anything we are aware of that, if known, would offer an endless expansion of perspectives, and that, as Terence McKenna pointed out, nobody, but nobody, knows all of what is going on or when or how it will “end.”

(This is probably the fourth or fifth time I’ve invoked McKenna since I put up that little video from him. Why? Because I need to keep reminding myself that I can’t figure it out; and that what I can do is move into balance, internally, and open to larger dimensions. As each of us opens, so does the cosmos show how it can transform seemingly certain doom into miracles. The lotus blooms in the mud.)

• naturalness.com: One in five Americans believes the world is coming to an end; many point to 2012 prophecies


How about this one?

• businessinsider: The Bell Curve Is a Myth: Most People Are Actually Underperformers

Here’s the excerpt that grabbed me:

“. . . human resource managers usually work from the idea that in most activities, although there are a few people that are very good and a few people that are very bad, most are about average.

A new study provides evidence that individual performance doesn’t fit on a bell curve (with its stable average and limited variance), but follows a distribution in which the average is unstable, the variance is infinite and the prevalence of outliers is much higher.”

The average is unstable, the variance is infinite, and the prevalence of outliers is much higher! Yes, and if we saw the world that way, and allowed kids to educate themselves to recognize the beauty and necessity of their own “outlier variance,” rather than trying to dumb everybody down into that “stable average” that doesn’t exist . . . what would happen then? This kind of flowering of beauty and individuality, is, by the way, what gifting circles seem to inculcate, naturally and automatically.


According to Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, the following story is really good news — if Obama really means it. And it makes me wonder: is this part of the set-up for mass arrests of banksters, et. al., that we keep hearing about from Drake, Wilcock, Fulford, and myriad channels?

• veteranstoday.com: Obama Rejoins ICC, US No Longer “Rogue” State

And yet wouldn’t Obama be implicated in any mass arrest? Speaking of which check this out:

• wakeupworld.com• Landmark Lawsuit by U.S. Homeowners Obama and Big Banks in Massive Global Laundering Scheme

I still tend to want to think Obama wears two hats, and if he does, and he succeeds (with guidance from us in individual and collective meditation, from ETs and EDs in other dimensions, from the military and other white hats) in subtly and gradually pulling off the collapse of the cabal that (s)elected him, then his story — and ours — will become the stuff of legends.

And one more, one which is also gaining traction, thanks to the New York Times actually coming on board. Here’s the most mocking perspective I’ve seen so far, though it is less than kind to the poor saps who fell into the FBI’s trap:

• naturalnews.com: FBI nabs five mastermind geniuses after teaching them how to blow up a bridge in Cleveland

RT also weighs in:

• RT.com: Operation: Entrapment – Cleveland bomb “plot” masterminded by FBI agents

I read somewhere that the whole point of these faked FBI operations is job security. We need to recognize the momentum for our wars the same way. And the mission creep of the TSA. Job security! Have we no imagination? We need to stop this run-away train by taking out the tracks from underneath it. Just pulling them out. Make walking paths instead.

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