Pointings for May 3, 2012

Some days I pretend to be able to categorize these pointings. Others, I just throw up my hands. This is one of them.

Do check out: repeace.com

“Repeace [realize peace] is an online social movement that wants to cut the ties between private interests and government with a very simple method. Repeace wants to make accountability a profitable currency, at times where institutionalized corruption has become endemic.”

Max Igan, his 27 minute video from 2009, has been going the rounds on blogs I read. It’s great primer on Illuminati 101. From my notes: The head of the snake is the financial system. Cut off the head of the snake and it collapses. Solution? Noncompliance. What is noncompliance? Love. Approach every situation with love.

He talks about Codex Alimentarius. Did it pass in the U.S.? If so, I never heard about it, I can still order herbal supplements, and a cursory google search didn’t tell me.


And for present-day dystopians, there’s always The Hunger Games. Here’s a good overview of the film, by Rebecca Solnit.

• huffpost.com: Welcome to the 2012 Hunger Games: Sending Debt Peonage, Poverty, and Freaky Weather Into the Arena

Meanwhile, guess what! Wow, we’re surprised!

• beforeitsnews.com: Pentagon admits it has no photo evidence of Bin Laden’s death

A new book that looks promising:

• Rupert Sheldrake: The Science Delusion: Freeing the Spirit of Inquiry

Here’s “Cobra’s” take on what’s coming down and how, if not when. (Some say May, some say June). Unlike Drake, it’s crisp and clear. And true? What Descartes called “clarity and distinctness” does not guarantee truth. Indeed, as I used to tell my students: “I prefer a fertile confusion to any sterile clarity.” And hell, what IS truth, anyway. In which timeline? Yours? Mine? Ours? How, if, and when do they meet and overlap? Parallel worlds, I get a distinct sense, are already moving all of us right along. There may be a main current (or not. Remember Terence McKenna’s wise words), but even if there is, who know’s who’s in it? Are you? How do you know? Are others that you know there with you? Does it matter?

• 2012portal.blogspot.com: Removing the Cabal

Here’s two new ufo stories:

• huffpost.com, Lee Speigel: Triangle-Shaped UFOs buzz over United States, England, and Australia


• riseearth.com: Giant UFO Mothership Near the Sun Photographed by NASA SOHO

And last, but in no way least, OCCUPY.

To me, this photo speaks volumes:

Here she is, folks, a May 1, 2012 Occupy protestor getting arrested. And she’s not only Miss America, she’s a goddess.

Where is the fear? No fear. No malice, either. She’s awake, alive, and willing to go through whatever it takes to shift our world from entranced idiocy into full-on awareness. Notice also, that the two policemen’s faces do not seem hostile. The one closest to her feels to me, contemplative, as if he’s beginning to face up to what’s really going on and the part he’s playing in it. Seems sad.

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