Pointings for May 2, 2012

It really does feel like deep doo doo disclosure time. See the new Wilcock piece, and the Gordon Duff compilation on 9/11. And how about this?

• davidicke.com: CIA plane crash lands with four tons of coke . .

CIA: aka Criminal Intelligence Agency, has, for decades, funded black ops with drug running, drugs that put poor people of color in jail and keep them there — at least 90% full — so that privatized prisons profit. See:

• alternet.org: Private Prison Corporations Are Modern Day Slave Traders

Speaking of deep doo doo disclosure again, check out this one about a German submarine that disappeared from Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, and John Kettler’s response, which purports to show the deep reason why that sub disappeared.

• veteranstoday: Nuclear Threat from Germany

• johnkettler.com: ETs/EDs. raid Germany! Take Dolphin Sub and Nuke!

I notice that Duff also posts Kettler’s response, which is interesting, since I read in another Duff essay that he assumes all ETs are bad and out to get us. Hmmm.

Okay, enough cloak-and-dagger stuff. How about this!

• goodnewsnetwork: 104-and-a-half-year-old reclaims paraglider title

And another one from goodnewsnetwork:

Good News from Greece Fills New Positive Website

“Our goal is to showcase every person, team, idea, technology or innovation that deserves to be an example for the Greece of the future,” says lead editor Dimitris Polymenopoulos.

The website’s inspiring Bravo page features random acts of kindness and Grecian citizens who are “Paying it Forward“.

Follow the good news from Greece on their English website: GoodNews.gr.

Oops! Here’s the dark side . . .

• care2.com: Greek Taxi Drivers Fake Blindness to Get Disability Payments

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