New from David Wilcock: Arrest Warrants: Liens Filed against G7 Central Banks

Another grip your seat so you don’t fly off piece from Wilcock, that just about all the bloggers I pay attention to have already put up. I like Kuailapele’s way of approaching it best. Underneath that, I post an extraordinary comment that was up on, of such riveting clarity and focus that it tends to make me settle down into really absorbing and integrating the information Wilcock (and Fulford) are coming out with re: the ruination of the cabal via the revelation of long-running financial shenanigans that are so preposterously humongous that nobody would read them were they presented as fiction.

David Wilcock New Article 5-1-12…”ARREST WARRANTS: Liens Filed Against G7 Central Banks”


MP3s of the Winston Strout Interview

Plus, the comment I mentioned above. I post it here in full:

Comment from a Reader re: the liens and their validity

The Lien document you see on Divine Cosmos is an administrative claim that substantiates the actual Lien. The Affidavit of Obligation that you see is merely the substantiation of the claim the Lien is based upon and it is directed to the Feds themselves.

Allow me to explain some background here. The Keenan case started over a theft. Stealing from Keenan was a really foolish thing to do, for anyone who knows Keenan (I met him several months ago in China, and I was there when he told Jay Rockefeller to take a hike in Monaco) should have known that Keenan was never going to allow anyone to get away with that. In the process of going after those who stole from him, Keenan met up with Scott who has worked around these accounts for years. With Scott comes the knowledge of the accounts. From the knowledge of Scott and with his help,, Keenan acquired.all the books, ledgers and codes held by those who own the gold that the Federal Reserve leases.

When the owners of the gold and the owners of the accounts that the gold is held in (Scott knows these people and the accounts intimately) realized that through this case they could get the Feds to pay what they had withheld for the past eighty years, they appointed Scott and Keenan and empowered them with full power of attorney and right of control, to have them to recover what the Feds and the Rothschild owned Global Central Banking system had not paid to them as was promised.

The Liens are for real. The process they are using may not be well known to most people, but it is the most devastating process in existence. These men know exactly what they are doing and they are being well guided in this by Winston Shrout, a person who has been teaching the basis of commerce and law in seminars all over the world. Everything they do is well planned and then executed with precision.

While the Federal Reserve might argue with this, be sure that Keenan and Scott have such a hold on this gold now that they can pull it out from under the feet of the Feds in a heartbeat. They know how to do it. The question now is, can the Feds now pay the back interest that is owing. The answer to that is…of course they cannot.. The Federal reserve at the end of the day, is just another private company and it’s debts are NOT the debts of America, or the American taxpayer.

What we are looking at folks, is the demise of the most vile and corrupt institution ever put on Earth, and not just because of Keenan and Scott, but more so because of their own corruption and abuse of the power they were given.

Amon Christenson

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  1. gcgrann says:

    Amon’s comment certainly sounds optimistic. However its premise is based on the belief that the American Justice System is not a corrupt apparatchik of the criminal cabal – which it is! A far stronger application called a petition for a Writ of Mandamus was filed by Leo Wanta and it was ignored by the bench. So while everything Amon states is true IN FACT it may not prove to be so IN PRACTICE.

    Thanks for sharing, Ann. ~G

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