An exceptional 9/11 compilation by Gordon Duff of Veterans Today

I remember very well that early morning when I heard the news on the radio and I intuitively knew, without an shred of doubt: “THIS IS AN INSIDE JOB.” Who, what, why, or how, I didn’t know, and it didn’t matter. I just knew that this complex, ritualistic catastrophe had been meticulously planned long in advance, that it was not at all what it seemed, and that its import would reverberate in unimaginable ways.

Within hours the flags came out. Within days, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were on the table. Within weeks the Patriot Act was pulled off the shelf and shoved down our throats, setting up the Department of Homeland Security. “Homeland,” such a distasteful word, such a ruined word, akin to Hitler’s “Fatherland.” The subversion of language was always popular in the Industrial Military Complex of course. Remember Reagan’s “Peacekeeper” MX missile?

In any case, eleven years past the sudden paralysis of this nation of sheeple, more and more of us are waking up, allowing the very ugly reality of what has been done to us, and especially to others, in our name, to hit us in the face.

We dare to be alive, and aware; we are mad as hell and we are moving into action.

You might read this long piece all the way through, including the videos. Gordon Duff has done us all a great service with this compilation. Here’s how it begins:

The FBI Role in 9/11, Conning America


FBI Tasked With Creating “Cover and Deception” For Attack on US

May 1, 2012

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Every military and intelligence operation has a “cover and deception” aspect. Most have several, backup stories to use if one fails, like the inflatable tanks that Patton’s “empty army” used in Britain in 1944 to fool the Germans. 9/11 was no different, the cover and deception there was to prove that a group of FBI informants, some “cloned persons,” some Israeli agents, were actually hijackers planning 9/11.

The “hijackers” and those briefed about them, those who met them at strip clubs owned by Jack Abramoff, those told of them by “spies” were all conned, just like Hitler was, the “hijackers” were just more of Patton’s “rubber inflatable tanks.”

Informants of all kinds, some CIA “whistleblowers,” some Army, some honest decent people who were lied to were “set up” to sell this story, this fabrication about Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, not one word of truth in all of it.

Behind this stood CGI videos, phony wreckage, a 9/11 Commission made of political hacks and cowards, and behind them stood a press like the BBC reporter who told of the destruction of Building 7 while it stood virtually undamaged behind her. Every aspect of 9/11 was scripted, all movies, all photographs, key phony testimony, the phony hijackers, the phony informants, the phony news stories, all to cover the biggest insurance fraud in history, to orchestrate one of the biggest war crimes in history, the illegal invasion of two countries, and to serve key Israeli interests.

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