Pointings for May 1, 2012

Just returned from a bit of time with Occupy Bloomington, and will post photos and story about what I heard about this morning’s terrific action separately.

But here, on this historic May Day 2012 I will quote Stephen King, the conclusion of his rant to the rich.

• dailybeast.com: Tax Me, for F@%&’s Sake!

This has to happen if America is to remain strong and true to its ideals. It’s a practical necessity and a moral imperative. Last year during the Occupy movement, the conservatives who oppose tax equality saw the first real ripples of discontent. Their response was either Marie Antoinette (“Let them eat cake”) or Ebenezer Scrooge (“Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?”). Short-sighted, gentlemen. Very short-sighted. If this situation isn’t fairly addressed, last year’s protests will just be the beginning. Scrooge changed his tune after the ghosts visited him. Marie Antoinette, on the other hand, lost her head.

Think about it.

Meanwhile, the big news from all the blogs that I follow is the new Benjamin Fulford piece, May 1.

•kuailapele.wordpress.com: “Chaos on multiple fronts as controlled implosion of financial cabal continues.”

Like this succinct title; it nicely sums up the piece, which seems more grounded to me than some of his recently. I don’t always post them, but I do read them. Just as I very seldom post channeled material, but at least glance at, and even skim, a lot of it, noting trends. And at this point, most of the info that I come across does seem to point in the same direction that both Fulford and Wilcock are also indicating. Likewise “Drake,” though I have trouble listening to him, and sometimes find him flatulent, even nonsensical. In that light I appreciate the following piece by Steve Beckow, not because I “believe in” NESARA (I tend to want to deconstruct any tendency toward “belief” in myself, and remain in the presence of unknowing), but because he points to an example of where and why and how Drake sometimes feels “off.”

• stevebeckow.com: Drake and NESARA

Here’s another piece that stood out for me:

• vancouversun.com: B.C. Witness to Robert Kennedy Assasination Claims There Is A Second Shooter

Because, of course, if that’s true, then what else is true? Here’s another recent conspiracy piece, this one about 9-11, that particularly caught my eye:

• veteranstoday.com: Were Real Persons Murdered on 9/11?

I too, have always wondered, asking myself, for example, whether or not the passenger lists had ever been identified on the four planes that supposedly were turned into weapons that day, and if so, why haven’t we heard anything from their families. This piece asks about all the people who supposedly died in the WTC buildings, but of course, some actually did die. Or did they? What about the falling bodies? Or was it mostly firefighters who died? But if there really weren’t any (or many) people dying that day from “terrorist attacks,” then “they” — whoever they are — sure know how to make it look like they did. What about all those “spontaneous” photos of the missing attached to fences around Manhattan? Were those made up by the FBI, or whoever would have been called into action for that purpose? Strange, how the mind works when it twists itself into conspiratorial contortions — which, however, may be “true” in some parallel universe or other.

Here’s one that is very hard to take in. Even I, with a lifelong, nearly crippling, intellectual and emotional attunement to the horrors of nukes and radiation, have steered clear of posts concerning Fukushima for the past months. Not because I don’t believe in the magnitude of the ongoing catastrophe, but because, in order to not feel paralyzed by grief, I consciously choose to focus on what gives life rather than what takes it away. (And, like a child, I do cross my fingers that maybe the galactics are cleaning it up.) But Zen Gardner nails it, and I am grateful:

• zengardner.com: False Flag Earth — The Planned Decimation of A Planet

And yet, here we go. Look at this! SIMPLE BAKING SODA A REMEDY FOR RADIATION?

• naturalnews.com: Radiation poisoning? Homeopathic and other natural remedies provide protection and treatment

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