Occupy Bloomington: May Day Poster

Got a visit this evening from one of the Occupy people here. He tells me there’s going to be at least one big surprise tomorrow. . . YES!

I’d love to see this We, the People movement gradually move locally from (nomadically and sporadically) Occupy to (continuously) Inhabit. Commit to a place, deepen. Put roots into the ground while living lightly on the land. With a different set of city codes, a different way of life. More gifting and trading, less need for money and striving.

Christiana, which edges Copehnagen, is a famous example. Has been in place since the ’70s.

We did it in Wyoming, in our yurt community, inside a little village of Kelly, surrounded by “normal” houses. The yurt community has been there since the early ’80s. That’s 30 years!

In any case, I have a feeling the local citizenry is about to find out that Occupy 2012 is alive and well in this little corner of the Great Midwest.

Here’s one of the posters on one of the Occupy Bloominton fb pages, thanks to Charis.

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