European Jews for Justice: “I’m a Jew and I’m ashamed of being a Jew because of the Israeli Governmnent’s Zionist Position”

“We have a very simple message: End the murder NOW.”

For at least 20 years, when I travel the world, I tell others, “I’m American and I’m ashamed to be American.” I’m not alone. This David Icke video shows what we, the people, think about our corporatized militaristic governments. Einstein: “The pioneers of the new world are the youth that refuse military service.” Icke: “Just like those wonderful Israeli young people, conscientious objectors.” Also features Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul, who, as we, the disaffected, know, would make a “dream ticket” for the next presidential election.

Icke: “They are terrified of us putting down those fake fault lines. . . ENOUGH! It’s time to fly. It’s time to fly.”

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