Pointings for April 26, 2012

Today I focus on three subjects: Waking Up, Occupy, and MSM Reporters We Can Be Proud Of.


I like this particular post on the process of waking up, or “Ascension.” It’s always interesting, very clear, and I very much agree with the focus on attunement to Earth as key.

However, while I applaud the idea of trying to discern “developmental stages,” the process of “waking up,” at least so far in my life, feels much messier and sometimes confusing, with long periods of stasis, then sudden jumps, then circling back and jumping ahead, and so on. The whole business of trying to capture a squirming spiritual/psychological/biological process reminds me of Kubler-Ross and her five stages of dying. Useful as a heuristic, but I dare you to try to force your own squishy experience within these or any bounds!

• www.riseearth.com: Nine Essential Questions on Ascension


Focus on shareholders’ meetings, Detroit —

• www.commondreams.org: GE Annual Meeting Interrupted by 99% Protestors

and San Francisco —

• thinkprogress.org: Protestors Rally Against Wells Fargo Foreclosures

Here’s news of the year’s first big action:

www.care2.com: May Day: Occupy Wall Street Gears Up for Nationwide Strike

Re: 1% crime: here’s a question that I also found myself asking. Glad to see it in print. Are individuals, one at a time, going to be picked off, one per industry as scapegoats? Or is this the beginning of real accountability.

• commondreams.org: Arrest of BP Engineer Beginning or End of Gulf Disaster Criminal Liability?


• Here’s a clip from Bill Moyers, circa 1987 — 25 years ago! —on the secret government, how it started, how it grew up and took over, in secret. Given that he’s known the truth for so long, I’m amazed at his longevity and equanimity. To me, that’s even more astonishing than the perspective he has been bringing us, year after year, for so long. What a beautiful soul.

• Another intrepid newscaster, of a very different temperament, scrappy Judge Napolitano, on Fox News. Here he is on the brand new, just-signed-into-law, with little discussion and overwhelming bipartisan support, HR 347: felony charges for protest any time the secret service is present. . . .

And yet one more, the incomparably incisive, all-over-the-story Matt Taibbi, his latest:

• businessinsider.com: Jon Corzine is the Original George Zimmerman.

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