Pointers for April 25, 2012

Hard to wrap my already porous mind around what I’ve picked out for today’s “news.” So I’ll just begin.

First, two overviews of Occupy:

• commondreams.org: Occupy, the 99% Spring, and the New Age of Direct Action: Collaboration or cooptation? Expansion or dilution?

• alternet.org: Noam Chomsky on America’s Declining Empire, Occupy and the Arab Spring

Next, The Nation weighs in on the standoff between the Vatican and American nuns, and gives a few more details.

• the nation.com: The Vatican’s Latest Target in the War on Women: Nuns

Factoids from this article:

“More than 80% of the 57,000 Catholic nuns in the U.S. are represented by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.”

“One of the unintended consequences of the Vatican’s heavy-handedness could be to reinforce the tendency, already quite strong, of American Catholics to think for themselves.”

I mean, like, duh!

My question: will nurses, as another overworked, underserved, and barely noticed female contingent in a patriarchal system, take a cue from American nuns? Consider this:

rumormillnews.org: Nurses are Losing Faith in Vaccines, Becoming Distrustful of Health Authorities

Here’s a small snippet of really good news:

• truthout.org: Community Radio Poised for a Big Comeback as Activists Free the Airwaves

Here’s some real yuck:

• dailymail.uk: Is there a drone in your neighbourhood? Rise of spy planes exposed after FAA is forced to reveal 63 launch sites across U.S.

They’re in 20 states, so far, and owners include not only the military, but universities!

Here’s an interesting idea: a worldwide meditation on June 5th-6th. We know this works. Let’s do it. Now that Neptune is in her home sign Pisces, I expect a lot more global meditations are in the offing. Shift the field. Shift the frequency. Start inside the self. Expand.

• Portal1012: World Meditation Day 5/5/12.

The point is to meditate together on this coming, powerful Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon/Eclipse, which by the way, also just happens to coincide with the rare Venus transit of the Sun. The article gives the times for your time zone, as well as instructions for the meditation.

And here’s what might be the biggest elephant in the global living room. US. Our sheer numbers, and still growing. However, of course, populations of all kinds do wax and wane with changing conditions, and as long as we’re confined to Earth, we will be subject to Earth’s laws. On the other hand, when women in the developing world get birth control and education, they stop having lots of children. We can probably regulate our population voluntarily. But it does bring up lots of questions, and some of the answers seem draconian or Hitlerian, as this article points out. Which may be why talking about it is taboo.

• care2.com: Human Overpopulation Threatens Our Survival

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