Bottled water and bottled beliefs

Transpose this hilarious youtube send-up of the bottled water craze to our addiction to competing belief systems that we enjoy/endure as we grope and/or march our way blinkered, forwards or backwards or sidling sideways, pretending/hoping/praying that we know best and fighting with or “tolerating” all the others who don’t.

Each belief system is a brand, with its own advertising, cost, unintended consequences — and, hopefully, a sell-by date.

Once we let go of belief and expectation as our anchor, once we morph back into full occupation of our own bodies with (preferably bare) feet firmly planted in the living soil of this good green Earth, then we can let go of our crazed need for certainty and realize the profound security of our serene interconnectedness with the natural world.

Descartes: “I think, therefore I am.” Therefore, only my thinking is me.

We have been taught/conditioned, for centuries, to split our minds from our bodies and cathect our very real biological need for security into an artificial mental need for certainty.

As we ground our toes fully into the living sensuous 3D earth plane, we straighten up, spines tingling. Like flowers seeking the sun, we lift our eyes to the heavens.

Rather than searching for the one true belief that makes sense of everything, we open our minds, tapping into the one true, living, infinite and infinitely multidimensional cosmos that generates all those belief systems, a magnificent fountain of ideas, constantly replenishing, no end to them.

Whoosh into the night sky. Where does it take you?

BTW: the creators of this bottled water video didn’t even mention the god-knows-what chemicals that leach out of the bottles into the water.

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    Great post, Ann! I’ve published it. Thanks also for adding Shiftfrequency to your Blogroll. Much appreciated. Have a great day! Blessings, ~G

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