UFO: Greatest Story ever Denied (1.5 hour film)

Update: 9 p.m. 4/21/12: I just heard from Sylvia that the copy of the film I watched was not the most recent. Here’s the most recent one.

Not sure how many of my original notes are still relevant! Will check it out in the morning.


Just watched this, an unusually well edited film.

Here are my hasty notes, with film following that.

First denial was in February, 1942, a few months after Pearl Harbor, with the “Battle of LA, “when the military fired at a UFO impervious to their guns. The next morning they claimed was a weather balloon. (Because they had to be able to control our air space.)

Official ridicule started at about the same time. As well as the denial of the denial.

“Rods” supposedly creatures (“critters”) that live in the upper atmosphere. They are veiled from human sight. As well as are an enormous number of other objects/beings that aren’t normally visible.

Just as bacteria teem at a level that only microscopes can see, so will the same be the case at the “upper limits of nature.”

At about 20 minute mark: Incredible footage from the space shuttle Columbia. The tether to a satellite, broke; then the tether then turned into a 12-mile long straight object. Quickly, looking through ultraviolet cameras, astronauts see a a swarm of ufos materialize and dematerialize, also under observation. By using the line as a measuring rod, each one is about two or three miles in diameter. Three dozen of them..

About 27 minute mark: Steven Green Press Club Disclosure Project minute mark, goes until 32 minute mark, but then cuts back and forth from then on.

At about 32 minute mark: Roswell: they wanted to get as much info from crash sites as quickly as possible, and to lead public off the track about it. ” Now we call it “reverse engineering.” Fiber optics. Integrated circuits. Over unity EM devices. Advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have lost control of them to the corporations, Lockheed Martin, etc. “alien reproduction vehicles.”

Mark McCandlish speaks of seeing three flying saucers in a hidden hanger, floating off the floor.

About 47 minute: The Moon. “As far as the moon is concerned, I think they got up there and they found there was somebody already there. And they haven’t gone back. There’s somebody up there who knows more than we do.”

“By the way, we’ve discovered a base on the back side of the moon.” All such evidence is airbrushed out before being released to public.

At about 56 minutes:: 1959 “Horizon Lunar Outpost.” Wanted to establish it by 1966. Two years later, Apollo project, and lunar base pushed back to the ’70s.

Secrecy is possible through “need to know.” Each organization or group is an island unto itself. Compartmentalized. The UFO and ET has always have been secret. There are 38 levels above top secret. Cosmic is highest level (UFO, ET,and “particle-ization.”(?)) Only about 25 people in the world have ever had Cosmic clearance. (my emphasis). No president has ever been cleared for that level. Eisenhower was closest.. He got sold out. All of a sudden he realized that the matter was going into the control of corporations. “It’s not going to be in the best hands.” Jimmy Carter not brought into the loop. They didn’t trust him. He had held a meeting with the director of Central Intelligence (George Bush Sr.) and demanded that the info be turned over. This information was refused.

George Filer: ridicule has done more than anything else to keep the story from coming out.

Daniel Salter. If ridicule doesn’t work, then threats. If that doesn’t work, people have been terminated. Done by different teams.

Professor Robert Jacobs continues to tell the story despite being harassed.

Corso was the first to come forward in a high capacity.

NRO National Reconnaissance Office. Picked up where bluebook dropped off. ACIO Alien Contact Intelligence Organization (global?).

Secretary of Defense Forrestal eliminated because he was going to release the info. He was thrown out the window of a hospital. About Forrestal: He was talking about being erased. He said, they’ll go after not only your but your family.

No congressional oversight. Trained to push away from the president.

At about 1:09: Carol Rosin and space weapons. Talks about the list that Von Braun gave her about future enemies: First communists, then, in order, terrorists, rogue nations, asteroids, with final card being aliens. Von Braun: “and all of it is a lie.”

Star Wars was incorporated into Reagans admin. In 1977, she stood up in a meeting, asking why these space-based weapons. I stood up and asked this? And nobody said anything.

The satellites we got up there, half of them are not looking at earth but at space.

Clifford Stone: as our technology improves, “we will become a threat to them (ETs) unless we also grow spiritually.”

At about 1:20: Free Energy info. Water, for example, to generate energy. vs. the big oil cartels. Steven Greer: Big oil profits from the status quo.

“People are walking around in a daze. They have no idea, no idea, what is going on.”

Edgar Mitchell: “It is without any high level government overseeing. And that is of great concern.”

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  1. Rob says:

    Hey Ann,

    Been reading George Hansen’s ‘The Trickster and the Paranormal,’ suggested by Ran Prieur. It’s heavy and dense and I’m slowly making my way through it. It covers a lot, but a main point is that many of the ‘paranormal’ experiences observed, from telepathy and telekinesis, to the miracles of saints and mystics, to UFOs, follow the cross-cultural archetype of the Trickster, a nonrational force that in some ways exists to illuminate the limits of our categories, highlighting the betwixt and between.

    Totally fascinating and has offered me a deeper context for these fringe experiences and also suggests why I may be drawn to them. Historically, moments of great cultural change tend to come along with an upsurge in interest in the paranormal; Exopermaculture fits this description.

    Anyway, what struck me about this post was the mention of early UFO denials around the time of Pearl Harbor. The author cites a study by Martin Kottmeyer, who found that reports of UFOs increased when there is a ‘loss of national pride,’ like Watergate. I wonder how that interacts with Pearl Harbor. Were Americans unhappy about getting into the war, perhaps? Or maybe Pearl Harbor drummed up national pride, and this is a counterpoint to that finding? In any event, the idea that our faith or doubt in institutions may be tied to how commonly we experience ‘fringe’ events really stands out to me, and makes sense.

    • Rob,

      Fascinating. I’ll have to check out this author. That paranormal experiences would increase during times of cultural shift makes sense, given that it is culture that keeps mental categories in place. Locks ’em in. Thanks, Rob!

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