Are Fulford and Wilcock selling false hope?

Want to have your (false?) hopes challenged? Read this new Zen Gardner offering.

For me, no matter what happens, who’s right and wrong, what’s crucial is that we step beyond needing to believe in one outcome rather than another. That we tear down the curtain of all our “belief systems” that keep us imprisoned in our conditioned minds that need to prove, and provide evidence, and footnotes, and back up with claims, and work through logical deduction or induction, and so on and on.

Open the mind to the universe. Open, open. Expand to include all possibilities without attaching to any of them while remaining centered, full force, in love.

Project Blueballs – Fulford, Wilcock & the False Hope Energy Heist

April 21, 2012

by Zen Gardner

They’re all doing it. From religious spewing to the political realm to phony financial prognostications and alternative community advantage-takers, inadvertently or not, it’s an easy sell that goes down smooth.

False hope sells.

Obama’s wrecking crew is the perfect example as they finish what the last several Presidents started. Their bullshit “Hope and Change” campaign was disgusting in its pandering to a teed-up America whose anti-war-and-everything angst was deftly fanned into a bonfire by the complicit media.

Hence the emotional fawning over Obummer that was enough to make anyone half awake puke.

I’m more concerned about the alternative research community. I think it’s time to caution the sincere against these false hope snake oil salesmen that are bleeding the energy out of the goodhearted “wanting to believe something good” folks.

And that includes the Fulford-Wilcock preacher types and their cultish half-baked unsubstantiated claims of deliverance into a “new mafia” of all things.

No thanks.

Fulford-Wilcock Leads to Nowhere

There’s not a lot that needs to be said about the Fulford-Wilcock affair. It may mean well but it’s spun around a very strange dynamic of secretive information and supposed interpretation. What I resent is being tooled along with it all, as if it’s real information and something to pin my hopes on.

And many sincere folks are falling for it because it brings hope.

It’s much like new age or religious info where you are strung along on supposed “facts” from doctrinal or channeled information and etherial suppositions.

Sorry, I’ve been tooled before. No longer.

This just smells completely wrong. The “dragon family” will supposedly replace the Bavarian Illuminati and all will be well? Hello? Anybody home? Millions of ninjas and Asian mafiosos will scour the existing power structure and bring harmony to the good of all?

Are we in a comic book?

Don’t need this kind of disinfo, however “well meaning”. Get your facts straight first, then report to us. We’re busy here trying to survive and help others transcend in a very real matrix-ruled world and working our way around and beyond it. Don’t screw with us.

Don’t you get that?

Another Example – The Ron Paul Bus to Nowhere

Sorry, and I don’t mean to make a blanket assessment on this issue, but it will seem that way. I like activism, I like to encourage participation, and I love to see people expressing their passion for freedom and a better world.

As long as it’s going somewhere – most of all towards a fully conscious awakening to the big picture which I believe is the litmus test.

But U.S. Presidential politics is a complete scam. Like they say, “Don’t vote, it only encourages them.” It’s sickening–mostly that there are so many that don’t see it. Plain and simple.

More than that, to grasp that this crossroads of understanding is a place of decision that has everything to do with your spiritual outlook and overall perspective, that’s profound. But few will get that.

The Big Issue: The Energy Vampires

Where is all this energy going? These are perfect examples.

We all know Ron Paul would never get in. They’d assassinate him if they had to, but it won’t get near that. It is a good background with which to contrast the shallow insanity of the mainstream press and all, and might be leading to further wake ups.

To have any hope that this current system is reformable is ultimately a distraction and energy zapper. It may be building community with common thinkers which can be real good, especially to help each other prepare for the coming chaos that’s unfortunately right around the corner. But to give so much attention and energy to something we know isn’t going to come to fruition should be giving people pause to think.

Can we afford to really stop and think? I just hope they translate over to conscious awareness of the big picture.

Religion Preys on False Hope

We all wish something would work in our favor in the horrific situation we appear to be in. But we can’t pin any energy on false hopes. This is exactly how religion operates. Anyone who has had a conscious awakening and come through some of these paradigms can smell these things when they come around.

And it’s a lot healthier to be skeptical than a dumb sheep “believer” in something you have zip evidence is true. Only hope. And that’s where it takes root in your heart. Be careful.

It’s the same as “belief”. Know, or don’t know. It really is that simple. But the matrix programming will fight that. Learn this precept. Have a good heart, be intuitive, but don’t be misled.

They are completely different frequencies.

When Hope is Right

Yes, there’s hope. In fact in reality everything is just fine right now. Death isn’t gonna change a damn thing. We are eternal beings on a journey here and our main purpose is to discover who we already are.

The most wonderful thing there is in the Universe!

But we’re not here to invent a new belief system that feels comfortable and “seems” to explain things around us…oh, and by the way, will save you at the eleventh hour when things turn nasty…and bring you new adherents, and to pad your ego and account balance. Sorry, bastards.

Damn that.

I do believe we’re in a time of serious change, including esoteric influences that can be used in our favor, but I’m very skeptical of sweeping promises that are not consciousness based. I know from personal experience that conscious awareness, our oneness, our inter-connectivity and being a part of the it God or our essence.

I feel I know very little about it but I know it. Period.

I’m just sharing my heart on all this.

Hope it helps. Be awake. Keep questioning.

Don’t believe…just know what you know!

Love, Zen

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0 Responses to Are Fulford and Wilcock selling false hope?

  1. Susan McElroy says:

    In reading all the many Golden Age prophesies that are kicking around now, I am always left feeling hollow in my stomach. It all rings the same, empty “Jesus” bell I stopped listening for many years ago. You know that story—just believe in Jesus (translation in the 21st century—“Just be a light-bearer…”), and you will be saved. Saved from all those bad guys. Saved to live a golden time of Heaven on Earth. All the Steve Beckow stuff and all the others just sound like fundamentalist preachers to me.

    A few years ago, I read an interview with Ken Wilber. When he asked what was our most dangerous inclination he said, “Our belief that we—our generation—is something special. Our belief that we are something other than just another bunch of folks coming down the pike.”

  2. Susan McElroy says:

    I don’t know if we are meant to live in the unknown all the time. Don’t you ever want to just find an anchor now and again? Just for a little while, even if it is only an illusion. I find that too much limbo-land makes me feel hollow after awhile. I like to settle into a false sense of security or a fantasy of control. Just now and then…

    • I think the place for security is in the body, and how the body connects to the earth. I rely on this, and on my daily routines to give me the security that I used to seek in certainty. I think, as a culture, we’ve cathected the natural bodily need for security into the artificial mental need for certainty. Most likely because we have split the body and mind so far apart, ever since Descartes, at least! (This was what my dissertation was really about. Its subtext.)

  3. Susan McElroy says:

    Hmmm, I like that—the difference between body security and mental certainty. This past year, I have found myself diving far more deeply into the delight of cooking. When I make a meal that I know is nourishing, safe, and satisfying, I feel that grounding I was talking about.

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