Last night, in the evening, just before sleep . . .

Update, 4/18/12: This recent channeling from Greg Giles may explain my recent nighttime “visits.”

. . . in the hypnogognic state, all senses shut down, I unexpectedly heard a distinct musical tone. What it sounded like I no longer remember. All I know is that I heard a musical tone. It seemed to occur directly inside the back of my head, or just behind my head. This caught my attention. I went on alert. Again, just as a few weeks ago, when I heard the single gong of a loud bell outside my house in the middle of the night, I felt no fear.

Then, last night, within maybe five seconds, a voice, from the same place and direction inside or just behind my head, and not loud, but very distinct, formal, preemptory, no inflection, nearly mechanical, with no space between just two words:


What struck me was the quality of the voice. Very matter of fact. Not at all like the inner voices I am used to, and that occur very rarely, only in times of approaching danger or a distinct crossroads. Those voices feel like my personal guides, either booming or gently feminine.

This voice was not personal.

On our walk this morning, I ran into a friend who happens to be the same one whom I ran into the morning after my first recent encounter with what I called then, “a mysterious presence.” I told her about this new encounter, and how “alien” the voice.

She replied that perhaps it was not a single being’s voice, but a group, or agency of some kind. I wondered out loud what I am being thanked for. And mentioned this blog, which began to morph yesterday, as I feel my way into a changed form.

She said she doubts it was that narrow a meaning. And then proceeded to say that when she walks her dog in the evening, they walk down our street, and are always interested in passing by my house, and especially the GANG garden next door. “But,” she continued, “last night, when we walked by, I got this feeling of intense gratitude, as if the whole neighborhood is grateful for what goes on there, that it is now a focus of intense energetic activity.”


That blew me away. Especially since we’d just gone through the massive fish and frog die-off in the GANG pond.

She looked at me, as shocked as I felt, and then, instantly, replied:

That must have been a release.”

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  1. olinRa says:

    I woke up to musical bells similar to what you described. This happened sometime last week just as the sun had come up. It was loud enough to wake me up, but i thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. When i woke up a little later it had struck me that someone else posted that theyd heard the same a couple days prior. was trying to remember up until now that i came across your follow up post.

  2. Kevin says:

    I was going to say “cognitive dissonence” then I reconsidered, and now say “psychotic episode” or maybe self drug induced psychosis. Do you work at anything that is empiracally constructive to mankind, or are you just here? Hell of a way to make a living my friend.

    • Your interpretation of my experience sounds to me like it comes from cultural (and psychiatric) conditioning. Given that I’ve lived with a free mind for so many decades, I keep forgetting about the labels that are put on non-sanctioned experience, i.e., anything that doesn’t enter from the five outer senses (we call that “empirical”). So thanks for the reminder!

      You might want to read R.D. Laing, or C.G.Jung.

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