What went on while I was gone . . .

I hauled my iPad and iPhone with me to Las Vegas.

While lying back on the downy white queen-sized bed with eight giant white pillows I would keep in touch with the quickening of our world before leaving my hushed, posh, 5th floor room for intense 3D meetings about money and property where I witnessed the alteration within my own awareness between full presence and sheer numbed overwhelm.

So today, when I sat down and asked myself, what do I really remember from what I discovered while lying on that cushy white bed in that faux Hawaiian resort, so “other” to my down-home life? What stories struck me hard, powerfully enough to vividly recall?

Answer, only two, both of which stopped me in my tracks, took my breath away:

1. David Wilcock’s new piece:

MAJOR EVENT: Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks


2. the latest, and most audacious development from our global role model, Iceland:

Iceland forgives mortgage debt of its population

Both of these stories are financial/political, where the heart of the trouble, the corruption, and eventually, the solutions are to be found.

Other news in the same financial/political vein:

• Anything by Drake or Drake and Brockbader. Check especially with americankabuki.com or kuailapele.com for new audios. Or check the website: freedomreigns.us.

• Also American Kabuki: Update on bankster-related resignations, now 594!

• Here’s the latest from Gerald Celente, on youtube:

The whole financial system is a CASINO.

• And a story from a few days ago, that I just discovered this morning, very interesting, either a co-optation or a conversion, time will tell!

Former Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack named to board of Peer-to-Peer Lending

• And one more, and with this story we really get intimations of the New Economy (reminds me of Bill Moyers interview with the diplomat):

Occupy as a Business Model: The Emerging Open Source Civilization

Turning now, from business/politics to refinement/evolution of one’s inner life in order to handle the stress of the quickening, I am always glad for a new channeling of the Hathors, by Tom Kenyon, both because the Hathors don’t communicate often, and because when they do, they always make so much sense to me.

Entering the Solar Storms: A Hathors Planetary Message

Here’s two breaking stories that got my 6th sense going, big time, intuiting that they were both other than reported:

• First, the story about members of the President’s Secret Service detail being caught for hanky-panky in Colombia seemed false to me. I wondered if there had been an assassination plot. Sure enough, Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff wondered too:

Assasination Colombia: What if it ain’t about whores?

• Second, I wondered if our visitors, who according to many channels, are no longer allowing new wars to begin, had destroyed the Korean rocket just after launch. Sure enough, this, from John Kettler:

ETs/EDs disintegrate North Korean Unha-3 Rocket

Finally, two posts about the 5th dimension by Inelia Benz; her way of speaking and thinking is always thought-provoking, and I will probably write more about my response tomorrow.


Having SEX in the 5th Dimension —whoa!

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