Mother Gaia shakes her booty big time . . .

Mighty big ones in past 24 hours: Gulf of California, off coast of Oregon, Indian Ocean, Japan, Mexico . . .

Dutch Since's screenshot of the USGS feed on earthquake3d — last 24 hours approx — April 11 into April 12, 2012

Go to for full video and textual report, plus lots of URLs to keep track.

Next question. Are these earthquakes generated and/or amplified (and, I would add, even sequenced), by HAARP? Bill Ballard thinks so.

Even if Ballard is right, we know who’s in charge here, ultimately, and it’s not human “science and technology” or “politics,” or even cabal-driven NWO Agenda 21.

Mom’s in charge. And “if Mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy.” Or maybe she is happy! Maybe she’s waking up, like we are! Energizing herself! Moving from lugubrious 3-D density into a higher, finer frequency!

If so, bless her, bless us, and bless the universe for gifting us with this amazing adventure.



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  1. gcgrann says:

    Hi Ann! I completely agree with your comment. I remember thinking yesterday that the earthquake in Asia had very little impact on people’s lives and that Mother Gaia was indeed making her preferences known to those who manipulate her atmosphere and inner crust.

    Thanks for posting Bill’s link.


    • You are so welcome. I’ve also listed your wonderful site somewhere on mine, can’t remember where! Either Links or Sources. And it’s definitely become a Source for me, so if it’s not there I will soon put it there! Thanks for all you do for all of us!

  2. Fridolin Turlutin says:

    Terra, goddess of planet earth, every single females are avatars of her. She is on the throne of influence when wild nature prevails.

    Liberate the earth starts with the liberation of the individual woman from the prison of false education transforming her from a wild nature in an artificial city. She has all her powers in her natural environment and is totally controlled in the artificial one. Only a few in the artificial middle can still fell they are imprisoned. Be aware the false teachings look like truth in this era, the last of darkness before the return of light. Feminine movements for liberation and equality of treatment with men is a seductive propaganda that divert the attention away from the source of womanhood that is generating life in a natural and healthy environment, not in the artificial city where rules where dictated by and for the exacerbated male aspect.

    I was surprised to see a few women had the same vision than me regarding the lecture of actual global political situation. This surprise transformed itself in remembering the fact that inventions appears in many locations at the same time, as if the brains where all connected to a global conscience.

    My work and implication is as your’s, pointing an imposture where mankind is ruled and controlled by a class of rich and infatuated egotistic minority who’s only goal is to satisfy their exaggerated life style. The way it has been done is by giving men the opportunity to accelerate and amplify their capacities. From that point they slowly forgot their natural role of protector of the female aspect of life and became destructors and abusers of it. We can see in the past where and why it occurred and developed.

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