April 11, 2012: Earth quakes beneath our firmly grounded feet . . .

So . . . woke up this morning to telluric maven dutchsinse.com‘s look at this morning’s 8.6 and 8.2 earthquakes off the coast of Sumatra. Made me wonder about that prediction from the Time Wave Zero Update (based on Terenc McKenna’s Time Wave Theory). that there would be more novelty after April 11.

Is this the initial set of events that will trigger the cascading series of quickly moving, unpredictable events that is called “increasing novelty”? BTW: Dutch says there will definitely be some kind of a tsunami, but I saw one report that said the earthquakes were horizontal, rather than vertical, which may not indicate tsunami action.

Also, stock market has tanked over 500 points in past five days. And Euro crisis seems to have revved up again. And and and . . . Breathe, Ann, breathe.

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