Did Trayvon Martin climb inside Dick Cheney?

That the media continue to feed the flames of the Trayvon Martin tragedy feels to me like some kind of false flag psyops to distract us from something else. There’s a creepiness to all the MSM news coverage, a psychic pink slime fomenting racial and class division and hatred in those still susceptible to fear porn. Now I discover this youtube video, and since I’m VERY interested in whose heart Dick Cheney got, the possible connection between the two events feels like a zap to my own heart. Hope it’s not true, but given the Madonna half-time Illuminati ritual at the Super Bowl, followed by what may have been a ritual killing of Whitney Houston, I’d say all bets are off.

Though I personally couldn’t stop watching it, not for one second do I think this video proves anything. So why do I put it up here? I ask myself that question — and though I have no definitive answer, I feel equally compelled to put it up. So: am I then a victim of this psyops? Have I succumbed to fear porn?

To this I say NO. Rather, I remain awake and aware, and in love with the whole damn mess that we’ve created, even the .001% “bad guys,” who are trying their best, and failing, to convince the 99.999% that we’ll never, ever, get off the couch, no matter what disgusting thing they do next.

BTW: if it is Trayvon’s heart inside Cheney, will the essential innocence of that 17-year-old infect 71-year-old Cheney? Will he open to the Heart of the One? To the Love that powers the universe? Or did the shocking final moments of that sudden shooting close that heart forever, and we are saddled with a new Dick Cheney just like the old one.

P.S. Notice how even thinking about these weird connections provokes the mind to open wider, to break down certainties and leave one wondering, even panting, in panic or awe. Stay with it. Don’t close down. Eventually, you will notice that your center of gravity is shifting, moving up! — from the solar plexus (where we try to get what we want) to the heart (where we resonate with the living universe). And once that miracle occurs within enough of us, the old control game is done. Kaput! Instead of games, the dance!

Yes. We will dance into the heart of the One.

Thanks to beforeitsnews.com.

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