From “Beyond Capitalism” to worker-owned co-ops: “Building step by step, on what’s already out there”

Yes! Magazine’s David Korten, in When Bankers Rule the World, ends with this:

Let us be clear. We will no longer play the sucker for Wall Street con artists and we will no longer tolerate public bailouts to save failed Wall Street banks.

Henceforth, when a Wall Street financial institution fails to maintain adequate equity reserves to withstand a major financial shock or is found guilty of systematic violation of the law and/or defrauding the public, we must demand that federal authorities take it over and break it up into strictly regulated, community-accountable, cooperative member-owned financial services institutions.

Occupy Wall Street has focused national and global attention on the source of the problem. Now it’s time for action to bust the Wall Street banking trusts, replace the current Wall Street banking system with a Main Street banking system, and take back America from rule by Wall Street bankers.


And see Gar Alperowitz, author of “America Beyond Capitalism,” on Democracy Now, last December:

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