DO listen to the entire Wilcock/Drake audio, or at least, read the following:

Update 4/2/12: Late yesterday kauilapele posted a new update to Drake and Co., and I listened to the first part, where mention is made that the April deadline is not (or no longer?) real. Also, if you go to the freedomreigns site, make sure it’s (and not, a new copycat (?) site). Meanwhile, Alfred Webre has interesting things to say about this entire scenario, in a long post that summarizes much of what he (Webre) has been investigating. His comment (towards the end of the long post), that removing individuals from the system without fundamentally restructuring the system itself, makes me pause: should we assume that Drake and Co. just haven’t unveiled that part at this point, or that they haven’t thought about it? Seems unlikely. And yet, who knows what’s really going on? I doubt anybody has an overview of the entire situation. And I bet that timelines are crossing every which way at this point! — whatever that means.

Update 4/1/12: For a fuller summary of what’s in the audio tapes, how to prepare, and how to help, go here (please excuse the misspelled word “imminent” . . .)

Today I received, from reader and commentator Rich Buckley, a request to publicize, as widely as possible, what he calls “The Plan” — to return our government to its constitutional basis — so that if and when The Plan manifests, and it is predicted to be carried out during a 72-hour period in this coming month of April!, we will need to know that it is not a New World Odor (sic) police state/martial law lockdown, but our very own internal, non-violent American (and soon to be global) revolution, designed to be executed with intricate and impeccable civilian/military cooperation. Given that temporary disruptions to transportation and communication are likely in the aftermath, Drake also urges people to store one month’s worth of food and water (and toilet paper).

(BTW: even if it turns out that The Plan is not carried out, or is not carried out this April, or is just a sick joke; or, for the paranoid: it’s actually a nefarious plot by the PTW to get us to show our hand before they take us down; or worse yet: a fiendishly clever ploy to get us to think it’s us, when it’s really them — even so, no matter; no matter what, it’s good to be prepared for any eventuality. Especially on the inside. Act as if this is all a dream. Act as if you are an infinite spiritual consciousness having a dramatic (traumatic? romantic?) human experience. Remember folks, as Bill Hicks intoned, so memorably, it’s all just a ride.)

I’ve listened to about a third of the three-hour audio so far. This morning, another reader and commentator, John, emailed me a review of the entire audio sent out by a friend of his. Here it is:

“The link below connects you to David Wilcock interviewing ‘Drake.’ There’s almost 3 hours of material. It’s a slog, but I’d recommend listening to all of it. (while you’re peeling carrots and washing dishes). What these two guys are discussing collaborates with years of my searches trying to understand what’s going on! From international economics to ancient prophesies, from media manipulations to mystical wisdoms, from wikipedia to youtube.
What is discussed here, is the advent of an immaculately organized, revolutionary removal, (mass arrests in the thousands) of corporate and governmental leaders who have been fraudulently focused on their own interests, and not on their responsibilities to the greater community. I believe this is for real. Within weeks, if not sooner, I believe we will witness a thorough and fast restructuring of our financial and governmental agencies. Some of the primary powers behind this movement are major U.S. military leaders who have been frustrated and ashamed by the directives they have had to follow from US policy makers in Washington DC for the last couple decades. All military personal are sworn into service to protect the citizens of the United States, and to uphold the Constitution, outside and within our borders. The 99%, and at least 80% of military personnel, will make it so. Please, be cool. be patient, be aware. Give this interview a listen. Thanks. (If this is not for real, then we should make it so ourselves, as soon as possible.)”
Here’s the entire audio, originally from
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  1. Mark Brady says:

    I also listened to the whole interview and Drake resonated truth in my mind. I visited the site that Drake was referencing and it does indeed say that they are going to be arrested in April. Woah! Hold on for a wild ride!

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