Is the Moon artificial?

NASA photo of the back side of the Moon. Looks metallic! Like, if hollow, it would ring like a bell! Which it does!

Back in my 20s, when I undulated hormonally month after month, I read Ouspensky’s remark that Gurdjieff often said, about the seeming automatism of unawakened humanity, that “we are food for the moon.” This comment stuck with me. Really bugged me. As if we are moved to and fro by forces that we do not understand, but which control us, willy-nilly. Especially, I thought, women who menstruate.

Then, when I became an astrologer, in my early 30s, I started to think of the planets in terms of their cycles, their meanings set by the space/time circle that each one carved out, as concentric spheres, with earth in the center. Moon, of course, was the first cycle, or sphere, and if we are food for the Moon, that means that we have trouble getting beyond its influence. That it holds us here, in its tidal hormonal slosh.

That bugged me even more.

I resolved to be able to access cycles, and spheres, larger than the Moon. I resolved to be able to attune to not only Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars (2 years), Jupiter (12 years), and Saturn (30 years), but even further, to Uranus (84 years), Neptune (165 years), and Pluto (248 years). Those last three are of course impossible to truly absorb in their entirety, since we don’t normally live long enough to complete even the first cycle of Uranus, much less Neptune or Pluto. But we can attune to these mysterious orbs and their space/time spheres; we can recognize that, in a very real sense they act as divinities within us, since their field of meaning is longer than our lifetime, and so beyond our rational comprehension.

Meanwhile, I was still seeing, feeling, and acting within the solar system as the largest whole that my world-view included. I was not used to seeing our solar system as a tiny pinprick in the Milky Way galaxy, though the title of a book by astrologer/philosopher/mathematician Dane Rudhyar, “The Sun is also a Star,” took my breath away.

Meanwhile, inside this solar system, I was accustomed to seeing the fact that eclipses of the Moon are possible as evidence of divine intention/intervention. Why? Because how else could the Moon be set at precisely the right distance and diameter in relation to Earth and Sun to cause the rims of all three celestial bodies to exactly match in a full solar or lunar eclipse?

That was then. This is now. Now I’ve been “schooled” in a new way. Over the past dozen years or so, post-menopause, I’ve gradually attuned more and more to the larger, endlessly expanding universe, the one which includes this solar system — and even this galaxy — as an infinitesimal point within it. Now, when people speak of God, I assume they mean a “local God” like Yahweh, for example, jealous and territorial, just like us.

Now that I’ve included the reality of extra- and inter-dimensional life in my world-view, this solar system feels intensely tiny. And yet, that damn Sun/Moon/Earth eclipse “miracle” still exists. Why? How? What do I make of it now?

Three days ago, in the early evening, I happened to go outside when the Moon was making a close conjunction with Venus (with Jupiter still nearby). Together, their effervescence startled me. I came back inside and looked up that evening’s position of the Moon/Venus conjunction in the astrological ephemeris: 23-25° Taurus, exactly conjunct my 23° natal Taurus Moon!

Another miracle . . . so weird! that out of 360 degrees, my sudden interest in the Moon would be awakened by its conjunction with Venus, and that I should walk outside and see it, and that it would be positioned three days ago in that early evening right where it was at the moment of my birth . . .

Astrology: the study of astonishing synchronicities.

Then yesterday, I was talking with someone whose girl friend is pre-menopausal, and so of course the few days each month when her period is about to come on make her ragged, unpredictable, even a bit crazy. How well I remember that seven year period of letting go of the Moon. I knew, before menopause, that the rewards of old age would be immeasurable. No longer food for the Moon, my spirit would sail into the universe, its infinite vastness my field of play — of joy!

And it’s true. That’s what happened!

So meanwhile, more and more that eclipse “miracle” now feels to me like a joke, or trick, set up by some “creator god” (i.e., ET civilization) to slyly call attention to the fact that the Moon, far from being a natural celestial body, is in fact mechanical, set into exacting position and rotation like a finely tuned part of a precisely engineered watch. That this “Moon” was constructed and dragged in from elsewhere, to dumb humans down, keep their attention from wandering out beyond the Moon to the larger universe. The Moon’s cycle/sphere set up the bars of the human playpen.

Google “is the moon artificial?” and you’ll come up with lots of stuff. Zen Gardner, for example, has several interesting articles on the Moon. Here’s David Icke on the subject:



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