Dutch Sinse on proof of "Simulated" [NOT!] Mexican megaquakes: this is the 9/11 of earth changes news, only better documented, and within a few hours!

I watched yesterday’s report by Dutch Sinse last night, his investigation into the gigantic Mexican earthquakes, and was struck by the tone in his voice, unlike ever before. He begged people to get the word out. And now, today, he thanks infowars.com, for doing just that.

By the way, for those who wonder, “Who is Dutch Sinse?” he wrote an informative couple of paragraphs on who he is and what he does for wikipedia. I copy that below the video. You might also check his three-part interview with projectcamelot, on youtube.

My youtube experience:

I started making videos in January 2011, only 3 1/2 to 4 months ago (from the point of this post here).

However, I was a long time youtube member since 2006, and I viewed all sorts of videos across the spectrum. My original focus on youtube were all the “conspiracy” videos.. from Freeman and Jake Kotze to David Icke and Alex Jones.

After my “unplugging” experience, sometime in 2004, when I first saw the Alex Jones movie titled “Dark Secrets inside the Bohemian Grove”, I went down a long rabbit hole, searching everything I could find — far and wide — and from 2004 until currently, I actively research all items/issues relting to the general topic of “conspiracy”. I like to jokingly say “I have a PhD in conspiracy”.

My interest in weather and seismology (earthquakes/volcanos), comes from years of personal RADAR study, meteorology, seismology, geology, magnetism, optics, and computer systems design.

Some questions have arose to my education, which I prefer to remain personal and confidential. I can assure you that I have college experience! Also have first hand knowledge of the design and manufacture of FLIR (my father worked on the Boeing Forward Looking IR before he passed away).

Recently, in the past year or so, I have noticed a pattern occuring on multiple RADAR systems, what I call the “HAARP VLF UHF Ring” and also “Scalar squares”.. both done in conjunction with chemtrail activity. This hypothesis, and videos I have made documenting the phenomenon, have rocketed me up the ranks in youtube very quickly. Truely, I was/am not prepared for the coverage this is getting.

The “HAARP rings” usually appear 24-48 hours before severe weather or tornadoes enter the CENTER of the ring area observed… in otherwords.. the ring appears and within a day or two at the MOST, a tornado hits the center of the ring. I believe the rings to have epicenters at airports, and National Weather Service Nexrad RADAR stations. The VLF (very low frequency) and UHF (ultra high frequency) signals are broadcast from the very same stations that are used to detect rain and precipitation.

When “they” tune down to VLF or up to UHF, the signal broadcast passes THROUGH the RADAR spectrum for a short time, and “reveals” the signal on civilian RADAR. Civilian RADAR briefly sees the “ring” broadcast by the weather manipulation system.

This hypothesis has drawn a large support from fellow RADAR viewers and professionals, as well as a hefty critique from skeptics. Even so far as to smear me personally across the internet with false claims.

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