Message from our Galactic Family, through Suzan Caroll, March 18th, 2012

Here’s a second channelled message for today, this one also particularly relevant, at least to me. Here’s why:

About four years ago I was standing over my desk one day when all of a sudden I felt as if my eyes were being used as focusing lenses into this 3D reality for a whole host of beings, each inside the other, like a Russian Doll with many tinier selves inside. Only in this case, each “self” was more expanded, and of a higher frequency, than the last, with me, the little ego self that runs around here trying to exhort people to wake up, as the smallest. Needless to say, it was a powerful, and very strange experience, that only lasted momentarily.

Since then, this multidimensional consciousness of “my” many selves has become more and more a familiar way that I experience this 3D world. At this point, “I” feel like a wedge, an upside-down triangle, inserted into 3-D. Just barely here, you might say, only the point wedging into 3-D ground. And the gradual embodiment of this multiplicity has changed my priorities markedly. Especially within the past year or so, do I now feel (mostly!) at ease within this more complex, and yet ultimately simpler expression. Simpler, because at every moment, the choice of what to do next is obvious. One might say that, for the multidimensional self, free will is no longer necessary. Attuning to the whole, one automatically acts in a manner appropriate for the needs of this moment, NOW.

And when action is not, or not yet, appropriate? One automatically knows this, as well. Watch, wait, continue to attune until such time as action is called for. Or not! In which case, attention automatically moves elsewhere. At any moment, the question is, “How can I be of help?” And the answer is, it depends! Attunement is the constant. Action is a variable.

Thanks to for the pointer.

Message from Our Galactic Family

March 18, 2012

Channeled by Suzan Caroll

Dear Ascending Ones,

We speak with you as your Galactic Family. We understand that you are endeavoring to release your self-image as a human and replace that with the self-image of a Galactic Being who inhabits a human form. We, the members of your Galactic Family, happily support you with your “return to SELF.

Beloved Galactic Family Members, we are so grateful that you have come from many different planets, galaxies and dimensions to assist our dear sister Gaia in Her time of need. Most of you who are incarnate on Earth at this momentous time here have had experiences of personal ascension in at least one of the realities in which you have taken form. Some of you here have even had the experience of Planetary Ascension. It is because you have within your multidimensional consciousness the memory of the process of ascension that you have been chosen/volunteered to assist Gaia now.

It has been difficult for most of you to keep these ascension memories alive within your consciousness, but you have been victorious. Unfortunately, you have also had the experience of living in the underbelly of third dimensional life, so that you could gain full insight of living in a dualistic reality. The lives in which you explored your inner darkness were great initiations in which you learned to rise into the correlate heights of living in the light and love of the ONE.

Either way, at the point of Planetary Ascension, when the light and dark must merge into the ONE, your knowledge of the dark will allow you to maintain detached compassion. It is your detachment and compassion that will allow you to navigate the seas of Planetary Ascension as the final merging of light and dark into the ONE initiation the tremendous changes of returning to the higher frequencies of reality. We, your Galactic Family, have great hope and confidence that you as you NOW move through your phases of Personal and Planetary Ascension.

Other planets, such as the Arcturian, Sirian and Pleiadian planets, have ascended into the fifth dimension and beyond. However, none of them were as diverse and polarized as Earth. Because of the great extremes on Earth, you must heal your inner darkness and live within your great light. We are joyous that so many of you will have awakened enough to consciously connect with your true, Multidimensional SELF and can directly communicate with your Galactic and Celestial Family. It is through this communication that you will garner enough assistance to remember your own higher expressions of SELF.

Furthermore, while in contact with us, you will have access to our detached, higher perspective of the true goings on. This detachment will greatly free you from the many third dimensional illusions that will burst forth at this time. As polarities blend and illusions end, the resistance to change will be amplified by those who still carry fear of a different structure of reality. We are ever-present during this, your final confrontation with fear, to give you direct instructions regarding your process of Personal and Planetary Ascension. Please Know that you can call on our assistance whenever you wish.

The first higher expression of your SELF that you will meet is often one of the members of your ascended Galactic SELF. To become this higher expression you will need to surrender all control of your physical body and life to your Multidimensional SELF. Remember that your Multidimensional SELF is ALL the expressions of YOU on every dimension. At first, your human ego will deny this shift in “management,” so it is best to allow this process of “changing of the guard” to go slowly. However, by the predicted year of ascension, the close of 2012 A.D., we visualize that all of you have released your human facade and returned to your true, Galactic SELF.

Releasing the illusion that you are “only human” will be much easier if you have released many of your other third dimensional illusions. It is our hope that most members of your reality will know that we, the Galactic Federation of Light, are surrounding Earth and assisting you as much as is allowable within the guidelines of a polarized, free-will world. That said, we must remind you that there is no simple way to release the human sense of self that you have retained for myriad incarnations. In fact, each of you will need to call upon your vast experience to find your personal process of releasing the habit of being human.

All third dimensional habits must be conscious before they can be released. Therefore, part one of releasing your habit of being third dimensional is to bring the awareness of your Galactic Self up from your unconscious and into your daily life. If you can find the courage to share your personal return to SELF with others, you will greatly assist the process of Planetary Ascension.

A physical human bound in the belief in time and third dimensional thinking will find it very difficult to navigate the transmutation into fifth dimensional Earth. Hence, each of you must first ascend beyond your own habit of third dimensional thinking to completely embrace your new Multidimensional Operating System. In this way your can remember how to think, feel and perceive all reality through a multidimensional perspective.

The process of ascension begins within your consciousness, which is why your shift from third dimensional to multidimensional consciousness is vital. With third dimensional consciousness you only have conscious access to the first through the fourth dimension. However, with multidimensional consciousness, you can perceive all realities within the NOW of the ONE. You will not need to deny your earth vessel or the physical form of Gaia, as they are one of the myriad expressions of your multidimensional world. However, with multidimensional consciousness you can perceive your higher expressions of SELF of while you still maintain an earth vessel.

Returning to your multidimensionality is important because the frequency of your consciousness will dictate the frequency of light that your form can download and integrate. Then, the light quotient of your form will determine the frequency-range of your consciousness. As your consciousness becomes increasingly multidimensional, it will become simple for you to release your attachment to your human ego. Once you release this attachment, you will be able to transmute your remnants of ego back into its higher frequency expression of SELF. During your myriad human lives you have become familiar with the power of transmuting matter into a higher frequency of expression. As your human self transmutes into your Galactic Self, the information that we are now giving you will fully awaken in your memory.

Transmutation is the process of raising the resonance of any person, place, situation or thing by infusing it with the frequency of Violet Light to transmute all shadow into light. Due to Earth’s law of free will, you will not have permission to transmute another human, but the Fire of the Violet Light will clear all shadows in which a person can hide their own darkness. It is the vision of one’s own darkness that will disable anyone who has become so lost in fear that they would want to harm another. Furthermore, the Violet Light raises your own energy field beyond the perception of the lost ones, virtually making you invisible to their limited perception. To release the Violet Fire into your reality, simply say:

“Blaze, Blaze, Blaze
The Violet Fire
Transmuting ALL shadow into
Light, Light, Light”

It is best to repeat this mantra three times, once for Wisdom, once for Power and the third time for Unconditional Love. As you continue to download and integrate the higher frequencies of light, the great force of the unconditional love of the Mother of Creation, the ONE, will fully awaken your multidimensional memory. When you begin your process of returning back to your Source SELF, you will know to contact us directly. We are ALWAYS here to assist you and KNOW that you will return to us!

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