Bright young man: "We have to end the empire to save the republic"

Living elsewhere has a way of clarifying the mind.

This young man, now in Japan, in ten minutes connects dots to show how Americans are locked into a destructive feedback loop that links industrial ag to industrial food to industrial medicine to industrial insurance back to industrial ag. Meanwhile, Americans flog themselves to get up in the morning, drive cars that eat increasingly expensive gas to soul-killing industrialized jobs without which they’d lose that insurance that doesn’t really pay out to pay for medicine that makes you sicker. Etc. And then, there’s our taxes, 50% of which go to feed the ravenous empire otherwise known as the military industrial complex. WAKE UP!

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  1. Pete Moss says:

    Obama’s quiet signing of executive order on national defense resources preparedness can be seen as tacit admission of peak oil, peak everything. See story:

    • Thanks. Here’s George Brown’s commentary on the energy site. Thanks, Pete!

      Executive order – National defense resources preparedness
      by President Barack Obama
      Submitted by EB contributor George Brown who writes:
      “A number of bloggers picked up on this item over the weekend. ”

      “Last Friday, with little publicity, President Obama signed a national preparedness executive order that gives USG cabinet agencies the ability to exercise total control over what are essentially all the resources of the USA. Most attributed this order to preparations with possible conflict with Iran, or creeping dictatorship — the order specifies wartime “or other emergency”.

      “In my humble opinion, though, this could also be the USG’s way of telling us that it knows Peak Oil has arrived, and that the age of energy and resource scarcity has officially begun. It would be great to have some commentary by one of your community of writers put something up on the Energy Bulletin about this.”

  2. Pete Moss says:

    Also see Richard Heinberg’s “Fun with Trends” piece:

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