So . . . are we afraid enough yet? Two new(?) developments, and my response

Over the weekend I heard about two new(?) “police state” developments that made my dry, flaking, wrinkled skin crawl.

First, that new hear-all-see-all-know-all-about-everybody-all-about-YOU! spy center, being built by the NSA in the Utah desert, featured in Wired. The data center will store trillions of “words and thoughts and whispers” swirling on the Web. But is this new? No. Just even more centralized: google “Stellar Wind.” (BTW: the more centralized, the less nimble and adaptable, as every guerrilla knows.)

And the second, Friday’s “under cover of night” signature by President Obama of the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order, giving the federal government 100% control of private resources, labor, and assets in the event of an emergency. Here’s the official full “Executive Order” doc from the White House.

Still no word about this on the MSM? Geez! First 9/11 to justify the prepared-in-advance Patriot Act, then FEMA camps and the recent NDAA, and now this? Woooo . . . down the centralized rabbit hole . . . faster and faster! (BTW: two democratic senators are just now(!) saying Americans would be “stunned” if they knew how the Patriot Act was being interpreted.)

In response to all this official fear-mongering, I decided to watch a “conspiracy’ video. Hey folks, LAUGH ALREADY! Mock the would-be “oppressors.” This little gem helps. Thanks to whatreallyhappened for the pointer.

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