UFO/ET department: Or is THIS the smoking gun . . .

As per the remarkable post on Chilean UFOs.

In both UFO cases, I’d say, well, maybe. As for this video, as even the commentator subtly warns, these are “possible structures;” and yet, he also says, “we can clearly see . . . one quite clearly a square-shaped building.” So he’s both certain and not! Welcome to the quantum club.

Nasa Accidentally Confirms Moon Structures Exist

March 14, 2012


In past we had reported “ By Law NASA Is NOT Allowed To Tell The Truth
Now in latest interesting development, Nasa accidentally confirms what we have known all along, that there are indeed structures on the moon. In this picture taken at the Nasa Ames Research Centre, we can clearly see two possible structures, one is quite clearly a square shaped building, the other to the right of the building looks like a triangular shaped structure or maybe a bridge, its arched in any event. Is this the smoking gun, absolute proof that NASA has been lying to the world?
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