One year later, strong quakes rock Japan

earthquake fissure

Here we go again, suspiciously during the first unrolling anniversary remembrance of the three-days that brought us the 9.0 Japan quake/tsunami/nuclear disaster:

Once again, we ask: HAARP influenced? If so, whose HAARP? Or maybe, once again, underwater nuclear detonation (Fulford’s theory)? Or even “directed energy weapons”? You might want to google all these possibilities.

Meanwhile, revolutionary Uranus, which causes fractures of all kinds, including telluric, is busy coming into exact 90° tension square with death/rebirth Pluto, which clears out old debris in preparation for new life. Let’s face it folks, this may be a purely natural event. Or a natural event that is helped along by some kind of nefarious weapon. In any case, expect Uranus/Pluto events for the next three years during which these two planets move in and out of exact square with one another seven times. The last time they were in difficult aspect with one another (Uranus conjunct Pluto) was during the ’60s, which brought us the civil rights/ hippie/feminist/anti-war movement. That was my generation. And the best years of our lives!

In September of 2011, as these two planets came to within one degree of their opening square of the new cycle which started back then, the Occupy movement took up the banner where my generation left off. Expect fracturing and destruction of old structures on all levels, from the most deeply physical, to the shattering of long-held trauma in emotional patterns, to breakthrough transformation of our world-view — and, fortunately, with Neptune now in oceanic Pisces, where it feels most at home, expect an increasing inclusion of all peoples into oneness from now through 2025.


Human kindness.

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