John Kettler: "There WAS a plan, but it's been gobbled up wholesale by the arrival of the benevolent ETs/EDs"

It truly does feel as if the dominos are beginning to fall. 2012 is living up to its advance billing. Not only are bankers across the globe exiting in droves, but terrestrial and extraterrestrial sources, and especially those who claim to be connected to both terrestrial and extraterrestrial sources, are indicating that the world has entered a period of massive, irrevocable change, and that it’s good. I refer you to the Bob Dean interview on Project Camelot, to new material on, kauilapele’s blog, and americankabuki, which just this morning speaks of 270 resignations from world’s financial institutions since late last year, most of them in 2012.

Here’s a post from John Kettler yesterday. Kettler, by the way, blazed into the blogosphere out of the blue just a few months ago. This post came to his email list, and was published on and, but oddly enough, I don’t see it on his website. In any case, Kettler claims to have contact with both deep insider terrestrial sources and what he calls “ET/ED” (extraterrestrial/extradimensional) sources. Kerry Cassidy interviewed him on Project Camelot recently, twice.

Kettler’s — or his sources’ — apparent “shoot ’em up” mentality makes me pause. In any case, the material in this post, clear and tightly compressed, echoes much else of what I’m reading.

John Kettler ~ A Look Behind The Curtain

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John Kettler | March 11 2012

I’ve been getting questions about the ET/ED plan. As I said before, there WAS a plan, but it has been gobbled up wholesale by the arrival of the benevolent ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) on the scene. Shall we say that interest in things like cryptozoology and what happened in the past has taken a decided backseat to covering the ongoing actions of the Liberation Forces to free us, even while being savagely attacked themselves? Two important lessons have been relearned–the hard way! Murphy’s Law is NOT confined to just our dimension, and Marshal Foche was right: “No plan survives contact with the enemy.” The enemy we face is deeply entrenched, beyond perverse (to be discussed in upcoming posts) and utterly determined to beat us to the tipping point by making it impossible for our kind to survive here–before we can render the whole Dark Force effort of millennia null and void. As someone succinctly termed it: “The purpose of chemtrails is terraforming (making the place very attractive to Dracos, Reptoids and Greys, thus uninhabitable by us) and bioforming (turning us into biobots, something like the Borg in “Star Trek: Next Generation”). Are we screaming for help? Absolutely! Are we cowed (to be taken on several levels)? No! Are we getting help? You bet your life (and you have)! We wouldn’t be here were it not for the help we’ve already received from our friends “upstairs,” who have intimate, even grisly, knowledge of the grim, but improving, situation we’re in. They’ve stopped repeated efforts to trigger World War III in the Persian Gulf, protected the U.S. from a potential devastating dirty bomb and biological strike, are cleaning out Dracos, Reptoids and Greys whenever and wherever found, whether trying to come here or fleeing. The orders are the same “Kill on sight!” And they are not alone. More allies have joined the fight, bringing with them ships (thus, more operational flexibility and firepower), expertise and a burning determination to liberate this planet. And it is they who are holding the New Madrid Fault System together in the face of multiple, concerted efforts to rip it wide open, wrecking the country and killing untold millions. It is they who’ve kept Fukushima and other “accidents” and attacks from killing us off wholesale from radiation poisoning, who’ve shown there is no security they can’t penetrate, who even apparently have ships ”eating” chemtrails! Mighty blows have already been struck, as seen in the financial sector, where the rats are abandoning ship at a furious rate, even as financial experts from the Universities of Evolution arrive to replace the rotters at the top, creating a cascading effect which will eventually unhinge the whole system of financial domination, oppression and control. Also, cracks in control of the media are beginning to appear as well, with more to follow. These things are all to the good. But much remains to be done. The foe is utterly determined, seeking ever the tiniest opening to exploit, and will not back down. But so are we, both here on Earth and “topside.” The unwanted Dark Force presence will and is being destroyed, the NWO has taken some nasty hits already, with more to follow, and people are FINALLY starting to wake up and take back their power. This is quite evident in the comments I’m seeing and in what’s going on in the world at large. I know it looks like we’re about to go down the tubes, but see it instead as healing crisis, in which the patient (Earth/us) gets worse before getting better. Make no mistake: The opposition, for all its obvious efforts to enslave and kill us, is running scared. The stink of desperation is in the air. It has no timeouts left, and the game’s nearly over! Sincerely, John Kettler

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