Provocative, inspiring overview of NOW, from two different directions

Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot speaks with Clifford Stone and Bob Dean, old men who are true Elders, not just in the UFO/ET community, but for the whole world. I’ve only watched a bit more of the indicated 9 minutes so far, but I will be sure to watch the rest. Moreover, Steve Beckow’s context for this video is well worth reading, and explains the dynamic between the somewhat panicky tone of Cassidy’s paranoia and the gentle, wise, apparently ultra-informed counsel of the “old codgers.”

Bob Dean, from my notes (slight paraphrase): “With all the darkness, and all the blackness, there is hope. We are going to survive this transformation into a new, transcendent species. . . I have seen the future, and it is glorious. We are going to the stars! We are going to take our place in the galactic civilization. Dispense with this bullshit about doomsday! The human spirit is infinite. We have power that we haven’t even dreamed of yet. And once we start expressing that power, we can change anything.”

I pair this post with a speech by Michael Salla, who reintroduces the distinction between celestials and extraterrestrials (see this and this); his view of the directive intelligence and guidance of the celestials dovetails with the two elders’ perspective in the Cassidy material above.

If you do nothing else today, I suggest you pay attention to this matched pair.

It’s all good!

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