Six days in February and here we are! In the NOW, as always, plus Zen Gardner: "hold on and let go!"

Post UFO Congress, February 22-27th: On the way home from the Indy airport Monday night, my son Colin, who picked me up, was downloading me the info I’d appreciate from the previous week, and our conversation was so intense that we missed a crucial intersection and ended up driving 20 minutes longer than expected. Didn’t get home until midnight. Oh well! His news of 81 big bankster resignations in six months and Ben Fulford’s announcements that Timothy Geither had been arrested, interrogated and released and CBS news has broken with the cabalists made me sit up straight, as you can imagine.

True? I google these things and see no “credible” (i.e., mainstream, controlled) independent corroboration. But so what? What’s true and what’s not? What does “true” mean? How many have to “believe” anything before it “comes true”? And, “true for whom?” And for how long? Blink in, blink out. More and more, so-called “real life” appears as a quantum field, brimming with infinite possibilities in various stages of manifestation — or not.

I return from a conference where words like “transdimensional” and “inter dimensional” are slung around as often as exterrestrial and angelic without batting an eye, and here, just in the mundane, formerly heavy and sluggish 3-D world, literally earthshaking financial events seem to be quickly dissolving the global economic circulatory system. An image comes in, of a squirting hemorrhage with dirty white torn sheets hastily wrapped around it, swelling with blood.

See also Salusa’s post for today.

As Colin said, it does appear that everything the galactics had said would start to happen has started to happen. Whew!

Here we go again. And once again, I remember to move into balance and equanimity, so that no matter what “happens,” I remain centered in the mysterious flow of the Now.

In the post that follows, Zen Gardner puts his finger on the more and more chaotic pulse of humankind. Thanks to BeforeItsNews.

The Age Of Madness And Enlightenment

February 28, 2012 3:13

by Zen Gardner

It’s hold on and let go time! That’s about the sum of it. The vibrational ride is picking up steam so cinch up your saddles, relax from tension and lean into the wind. We’re gonna have to be on our spiritual toes for what’s about to hit and we’re already getting a taste of.

Things are gonna get wonky!

Real sailors and sea lovers don’t freak at the challenge of a good storm, but also have the utmost respect for the awesome power of nature. Like a surfer watching a huge wave build as he catches the top of it and starts his descent, he respects it, admires it, but knows he better do the right thing to keep this a fun experience. He’s also psycholgocially prepared for any eventuality…including what to do to survive if he wipes out!


Well, we’re pretty much there. I mean, this has been buiiding for some time. But we’re hitting new levels and need to walk circumspectly and stay tuned more than ever if we’re to get the most out of this wonderful opportunity while avoiding the pitfalls.

As David Icke, one of the most profound messengers of our time, said almost 6 years ago and continues to reinterate:

The end of the inter-generational amnesia is in sight and therefore so is the ‘world’ it has allowed to manifest. It may seem that we are sinking deeper in the mire of control, surveillance and manipulation, but that is being expressed in the ‘out there’ realm of the still-unwakened – the great majority for sure. One step back from that, however, there is a stirring in the hearts and consciousness of rapidly increasing numbers of people and the time is coming when that will explode in massive global change.

The fact that we’re now 6 years closer is profound!


A World Gone Nuts

We can see how that has already happened in so many respects. The mindless addiction and belief in the false media; wars being waged without regard for popular support or even political consent; scientific insanity from bioweapons to nuclear madness; deliberate economic implosions for manipulative control; the corporate rape of planet earth; and a clear and openly stated elite agenda for a drastic reduction in the world’s population that is already under way.

Insane enough?

Ah, but here’s the blowback. All that is not based in conscious reality. All that is a fabricated matrix from a dark vibrational level. When it gets tested by Source, our Universal reality scanner of vibrational Truth, it cannot stand. By definition what is false and fabricated will crumble.

That doesn’t mean they won’t make their last ditch effort to shove their plan through. And it may even meet some short term apparent success. But it cannot stand, just as the twin towers couldn’t withstand whatever it was that vaporized them.

And psychologically? They are mincemeat!

No way can they stand up to these vibrational changes! Their construct is left brain and call it lower vibrational or Satanically inspired and it cannot stand the Truth.


And so it begins!

A friend at PhilosophersStone who has a similar background to Clif High’s at Halfpasthuman on reading informational fields told me he expects not only crazy behavior but for some newsperson to completely lose it and blow the lid off the whole lie sometime soon. Can’t you see that? I found that very inspiring and entertaining as well as so resonant.

How can so many people who’ve been bought off or coerced one way or another into keeping the big lie covered up for their overlords stand it? Especially when their own families are starting to be affected, and it increasing appears society is literally coming apart at its seams.

Why? Humanity’s left brain thinking patterns are getting jammed and repatterned and their right brain creative side is getting more say so. To think these cosmic effects won’t have massive effects is like flooding a bowl of ice cubes with warm water and expecting them not to melt!

And none too soon. The mad controllers’ artificial psychotronic matrix will also be vyng for control of humanity’s mind.

The sooner we break free from mind into conscious awareness the better.

All Good to the Awake and Aware

We’re in a challenging and what could be considered disorienting time. That’s only going to affect you if you haven’t realized our entire “orientation” here is a temporal illusion. Just as materialistic people think they’ve lost everything when their money and home is gone, those attached to their beliefs and world view are going to take a serious hit if they don’t let go.

For those who respond positively to these changes? Many of us are already feeling the degree of accelertaing change that’s upon us. The world is obviously careening towards a mega cataclysm, but the big news is the massive wake up that’s hitting at so many levels. And those who are just new “getting it” are digging into the internet fast and furious and getting up to speed faster than ever.

And that’s a wonderful, wonderful thing!

And for those who aren’t yet getting it? Believe me, there will be a flood of latecomers, but at least they will have finally gotten it.

Let’s be there for them.

Keep on resonating with the changes, there’s a lot of cool stuff to see….and share!

Together we help bring the Change into this reality for all to enjoy.

Much Love, Zen

  • Full re-post with permission.
  • Titles and excerpt ok with link back. Thank you.

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