Greetings from the starship Athabantian, February 28, 2012

This is an interesting new channelling from Mark Kimmel’s site that offers an optimistic overview of our current status in the procession (“Ascension”) from 3rd to 4th and ultimately 5th dimensions, individually, collectively, and as a planet. I read a lot of channels, don’t post most of them, not because I don’t “believe” them, but because I like to take the temperature of what most of them are saying at any given time as background info for other, more “credible” (i.e., strictly in the 3rd dimension, and the more “popular,” then most likely the more programmed) sources. Not that I believe in the “credible” sources either. Rather, I look to them to find out what most people believe.

I think the main issue is “belief” itself, how we attach to certain pictures and narratives of what is or is not “real” and then cling to our “true beliefs” as tiny life rafts in a roiling ocean of uncertainty, no matter what!

We think we can “figure it out,” or we try. Without realizing it, we unconsciously assume that Earth herself rests upon a solid foundation rather than rotating, dreamily and unanchored, through infinite space. We assume a “bottom line,” where there is none! Nothing to stand on, no Archimedian lever to move the world. Whew! And that’s okay!

Clearly, we need to learn how to let go of beliefs, let go of the conscious, rational mind as anything but an instrument that invents techniques for creating and dissolving ideational forms, one after the other, in an endless flow of “points” to make, posit, and defend. Instead, let us rest in the spaciousness within which all these points appear and disappear; and let us remember how to float, to swim, to surrender ourselves to the current of the Now as we continue pell-mell, and all together, downriver into the infinite ocean of consciousness that holds us, loves us, nourishes us, forever and ever without end. Amen.

Embracing Change

February 28, 2012

Greetings from the starship Athabantian, I am Bren-ton of Andromeda. We are most pleased to be communicating with you. From our vantage point many thousands of mile overhead, we observe that everything on planet Earth is progressing toward the great transformation. While it may not appear so to you who are involved in the middle of these events, there is progress toward the day when we can announce, “Earth has transformed. The humans of Earth have ascended to the 5th Dimension.” There is no question that the transformation will take place.

There are many wonderful changes coming to the humans of Earth, and to the planet herself. These are changes beyond your imagination. These changes will transform all life. These changes will restore Earth to the pristine planet she once was. These changes will, in time, lead to a new civilization for you, the humans of Earth. These changes will eventually envelop all in the 5thDimension.

Each human of this planet is undergoing change. You are experiencing it in your physical bodies. Have you noticed changed sleep patterns? Headaches? Forgetfulness? Awkwardness? These changes are also affecting your mind and your emotions. Yes you are changing. Everyone on the planet is changing. Each person closes how to react to these changes.

One reason for the changes is the light energies coming to your planet from the center of your galaxy. Energies transformed by your Sun star. Energies focused by starships such as Athabantian.

This unprecedented influx of energies from the center of your galaxy is having an effect on each human of your planet, whether they are conscious of it or not. The presence of the Christ energy is smoothing the move into higher dimensions for all. All are feeling the impact of these energies in their bodies and in their emotions.

These energies are beneficial. The changes to your bodies are intentional. The changes will enable you to move into the 4th Dimension. Ultimately these energies, along with your concerted efforts will move you to the 5th Dimension. This planet will become a 5th Dimensional planet, a shining star for all to see. This has never happened before to mass of humanity. Always before it has been one individual at a time.

The rest of the universe is closely watching the progress of these changes. For what transpires on Earth affects all. For what transpires on Earth sets a pattern for the ascension of all in physical form. Is it any wonder that so many of your star brothers and sisters are gathered on and about your planet, watching and assisting with these events?

These changes will usher in a new way of living for each human who ascends with Earth to the 5thDimension. I am speaking here about the ability of each human to telecommunicate with others. In time each human will have the ability to manifest whatever he or she wishes for sustenance and comfort. Each will be able to transport themselves from one location to another.

To live in this world of the higher dimensions you must embrace change. Embracing the very idea of change will open you to all these possibilities. Once you embrace change you will find the fear associated with such a decision falling away as you discover the freedom to be who you really are. Embracing change means to stand tall while events swirl about you. For those who have chosen to embrace change the collapse of the 3rd Dimension will lessen its impact.

The key element of embracing change is to think from your heart. Your rational mind creates duality, always positioning the dark against the light. Thinking from your heart clears the way to embrace the lighter vibrations. Thinking from your heart enables you to see the wonders that are ahead. Thinking from your heart enables you to embrace change.

All are beckoned to this new way of being, regardless of their current circumstances, beliefs, or activities. All are called to embrace change. All are beckoned to the new Earth, to the new ways of being humans of Earth.

Let me give you examples of the positive changes we observe: The uprisings of the common people – actually they are not common at all, but are marvelous unique individuals who have finally found their voices. These uprising, be they in the Middle East or Wisconsin, show that people everywhere recognize that now is the time to assert who they really are. You may not see it as clearly as those of us who observe from afar, but their actions portend dramatic changes in your civilization. Many people are awakening to question traditional ways.

The unwillingness of your governments to function on behalf of the people governed and the rancor with which changes are resisted are signs that these systems are crumbling to make way for the new. These are systems deeply corrupted by wealthy and powerful interests.

The massive amounts of newly printed money flowing into your financial systems portend their collapse. Corporations, governments, religions, healthcare systems, and scientific and educational institutions will fail along with the financial systems.

Extreme weather — tornadoes, floods, and bitter cold — has impacted many area of your planet over the past months. There are record numbers of earthquakes around the Pacific Rim. These will continue and in some cases become more extreme as Earth cleanses herself. The actions of those wishing to retain power has exacerbated many of these natural events.

Your civilization has many serious problems that are not being addressed. Your national media would have you focus on trivia while the larger issues, such as the following, go unattended. All will be corrected as you arrive at the lighter densities.

  • Failing to recognize the oneness with your Earthly brothers and sisters that leads to many in poverty and hunger
  • The apathy of most people who are willing to accept their lives as is
  • Continued burning of fossil fuels that dirty your atmosphere
  • Pollution of your waters with the refuse by your so-called “modern civilization”
  • Massive amounts of trash that your civilization generates
  • The genetic modification of crops and the use of growth hormones
  • The obfuscation of the truth about human history
  • The influence of religions
  • The denial of your star sisters and brothers
  • Educational systems that teach conformity to the existing paradigm
  • Drugs abuse – prescription and illegal, including alcohol
  • And the list goes on and on…

We see many of these problems as the result of the influence of the energies that caused your planet to slip from the light. At the same time we appreciate how the humans of Earth have struggled to attain a level of consciousness where the great transformation can now take place.

It is not one of these events that portends dramatic changes, but the combination of all. Your planet is transitioning; individual humans are transitioning. Yes, this is the year when great changes will be initiated. After the culmination of these events, it will require some time for a new civilization to fully organize itself on the new Earth.

From our perspective, the single most important thing is to recognize who you really are: a magnificent being of light that has volunteered to inhabit a physical form for a given lifetime. When that simple realization becomes widespread, then Earth humans will create a magnificent new civilization.

All humans resist change, particularly change that is being thrust upon them from some outside source. Many humans are so caught in current behavior patterns, in what they consider to be their “comfort zones,” that they resist all change. Yet everything is changing. The changes are fundamental and far reaching. After the changes, fear-based 3rd Dimension reality will no longer exist. For those in 4th Dimension, the changes will bring welcome relief from this fear-based paradigm.

The changes are extraordinary. They have many facets. Features of the 3rd Dimension such as time, violence, judgment, competition, anger, greed, and safety will go away. Features of the 4th Dimension such as cooperation, gratitude, appreciation, acceptance, truth, balance and freedom will become the foundation for a new civilization based not only in the 4th Dimension, but pointing a path to the 5thDimension.

Earth humans who have amassed great wealth will resist these changes. Those who have amassed great power will resist these changes. Those who have achieved status will resist these changes. All who are comfortable in and familiar with their existing lives will resist these changes. Those who believe they have attained a certain consciousness will resist changes that do not conform to their point of view. And those who rely on their rational minds, rather than their hearts, will resist these changes. Those who have achieved a higher level of consciousness, so that they truly know who they are and embrace that truth, will not resist these changes.

When the darkness enveloped this planet and consciousness fell, the structures of the human form were shattered. Human DNA was altered. The minds of humans were separated from their emotions. Ego was elevated to rule in the name of safety. The individuated soul was separated from its human body. The chakras were distorted such that they were very susceptible to outside manipulation. In the process of achieving higher consciousness, the body, mind, emotions, and soul are reunited into a complete human being. Such a highly conscious person embraces change when he or she sees the benefit to the greater whole, along with the benefit to self.

This awakening of the mass of humanity is occurring just in time. A discussed before, there will be extreme changes thrust upon all – none will be spared some impact of these changes. This is the moment to move into the higher vibrations prior to the peak of the changes. Changes are erupting all about you; focus on the higher vibrations to stand tall amidst these changes.

We who are your star brothers and sisters wish to assist you in this grand adventure. We stand ready to come to you. Raising your vibrations is the first step. Once you choose to embrace this new way of being, many opportunities will present themselves. Do not linger too long in the old ways, for change is accelerating.

We of the starship Athabantian are now proceeding to step up our involvement. As Taugth revealed in his recent message, we are opening new channels of communication with humans of the planet. Mark is assisting this efforts with the interview process in which we determine whether an individual will accept and welcome our communications and – most importantly – will share the information he or she receives with others. We are seeking those who will embrace change and show others the way to live with change. We are most pleased by the number of individuals who have expressed a desire to communicate directly with us. We will work with each of them to increase their confidence and improve their communication skills.

I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda, communicating with you from the starship Athabantian. Along with the others aboard, I am here to serve you as you transition to the lighter vibrations and become a citizen of the universe. All aboard Athabantian send their blessings.

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