From Lady Diana to Whitney Houston: an Illuminati trail of tears and blood?

When Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel bathtub on the day before the Grammy awards, thus guaranteeing massive publicity, my immediate suspicion was that her death was a ritual sacrifice. That, like many entertainers, Whitney Houston’s rise to fame and subsequent fall into addiction was not just an unfortunate personal saga, not just a story of a celebrity too “weak” to discipline herself, but something utterly other. Alex Jones and Mike Adams (of point to Big Pharma as the culprit. Like an increasing percentage of Americans, Houston was dependent on a number of psychoactive prescription drugs..

My point of view is darker. I wonder if Houston was mind-controlled, one of the entertainment figures used to enact certain story-lines that the Illuminati — or the cabal, or whatever you want to call the secret, shadowy figures at the top of the geopolitical/financial hierarchy that thinks it runs the world — engineer for its own weird, no doubt nefarious, and totally without a shred of human decency, reasons.

The morning the news of Houston’s death broke, I searched the internet for confirmation of my point of and view, and came across one blogger who suspected the same, and another article that I can no longer find pointed to the date of her death, 2/11/12, as of secret ritual and numerological significance.

I know this sounds like a lot of hooey to most people. And I would have thought the same, except that I read Cathy O’Brien’s Trance Formation of America back around the turn of the millennium, and it shocked my mind open in a way that I would have preferred it remained closed.

That’s why I tend to agree with those who view Madonna’s performance at the Super Bowl as a secret, in-your-face — watched by millions, or was it billions? — Illuminati ritual.

These days, I point everyone who shows even a modicum of curiosity about black ops Mind Control programs to the site. Cathy O’Brien might have been the first trauma-based MK Ultra mind control victim to come forward and successfully deprogram her mind, but she is no longer alone. The recent ex-Navy Seal Bill Woods interviews, for example, speak of the government’s attempts to mind control him with pharmaceuticals while in a military prison.

And of course, we could say that mind control programs are simply at the far end of a gradient that includes advertising, television “programming,” what now passes for “education” in our corporatized schools, the bogus evolutionary theory we call “survival of the fittest” and it’s convenient ties to capitalism — not to mention our whole “American Dream” way of life that has mesmerized generations into whipping themselves to separate out from others, prey on them to “get ahead,” then buy buy buy more and more stuff to show off their top-o’-the-heap status.

So the following video of David Icke, on the real role of Diana, the People’s Princess, doesn’t faze me in the least.

Watch it if you dare.

Watch it if you care!

The truth shall set us free.

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8 Responses to From Lady Diana to Whitney Houston: an Illuminati trail of tears and blood?

  1. Mark Brady says:

    You should check out the ritual from Sunday at the Grammy’s with Nicki Manaj. David Wilcock exposed it yesterday here

    You might need to scroll down a bit for the new update.

  2. Mike V. says:


    I agree completely. Houston’s death was a cover. For what?

    Have a look at The young North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was assassinated on February 10. Jong-un was an NWO puppet, according to Kettler.

    Have any mainstream media covered this immense story? Nope. None that I can find. A story of this magnitude should be on the front page of every newspaper in the world.

    Mike V.

    • Wow. Thanks for the JohnKettler reference. Who IS he? There is no biographical info on his site. Very provocative material. Not sure what to make of it. I do remembering seeing something else about the young North Korean leader being assassinated, but then the news disappeared, just like a blip that went out. It went out of my mind as well. Just googled it. Daily Mail says it was a hoax (or, I should say, it says U.S. officials say that).

  3. isis2012 says:

    It is always good to consider these other points of view … as most of the truth is hidden from the mainstream …but what most haven’t realized yet is that the Illuminati and so many of the other high seaters … are celestials … many use clones, surrogates and mind controlled people of the Mother Earth … something is afoot behind he celestial veil no doubt …

  4. Cabernet says:

    If I had any doubts, Whitney’s earlier video:, has a ton of interesting mind control symbolism in it. I don’t doubt this article for a second, seeing as how the powers that be insist on communicating their agenda through artists music videos and symbolism.

    • Here’s another bit of info (or disinfo) on Whitney Houston. If she was mind-controlled, perhaps her programming was disintegrating and she had defaulted to her essential nature, that of Love.


      “Recently released an electronic press kit interview to the internet to accompany the European segment of her “Nothing But Love” tour, she emphasized people want to hear and feel love, and she nervously spoke out against the strange and dark-spirited stage and video performances of currently popular musicians, such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Pink, Kylie Minogue, Dr. Dre, U2 and Eminem which seem to include numerous references to the Illuminati cult, New World Order, Devil-worshipping, Freemasons, occult rituals, torture, mind control, martial law, mutilation and pornography.
      “They want to hear um, ah, someone who, um, from all the years I have been in the business, which is now going on 30 years, um, sing love to them, um, not so much, um, strip for them, take their clothes off for them, or, you know, do soft porn for them,” she said.”

      • jessica says:

        i believe you to be right. diana & jackson were always speaking of conspiracy in the press when doing interviews. these people were probably going against the grain of the powers that be (evil). diana probably denounced being involved from the beginning but i think jackson & houston were trying to get out. it’s been said joe jackson was involved with shady people in getting his boys their career. abuse? mind-control? anything for money? i believe it. there are more than a few actors & singers who cannot act or sing but yet have wealth & fame. crazy! many famous (& not famous) people have died too mysteriously or the cases, when solved, were so full of holes. 9/11 is/has the biggest hole & people can’t see it even though it stares/stared them in the face. i pity this world. evil runs it but it won’t win in the end. GOD RULES!!!

  5. Pat bassey says:

    it jst a pity.i just pray dat she makes heaven

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