Ex-Navy Seal Bill Wood (aka Brockbader) on "converging time-lines"

Since the first interview with ex-Navy Seal Bill Wood (aka Brockbader) and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, there have now been several others, each deeply interesting in its own way. This February 7th interview is the first with Lisa M. Harrison. Listen carefully, especially when he talks about how the purported “Project Looking Glass” actually worked, as an infinity of interlaced images belonging to an infinity of movies (time-lines) which gradually converge into two time-lines, one catastrophic, the other unknown. By December 21, 2012, claims Wood, the viewer “hits a wall,” with nothing known from then on.

Yet, even at this late date, Wood says, humanity is working with an infinity of time-lines, and —despite appearances, and thanks to the global awakening process — tending decidedly away from the catastrophic timeline.

In this assessment, Wood agrees with David Wilcock, whose ever-expanding Financial Tyranny tome — an expose of the current climactic failure of what he and others claim is a thousands of years old gradually accumulating world-wide plot to destroy most of humanity and enslave a remnant — has now grown to ten voluminous sections, all of them eye-popping.

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