Zen Gardner: "Now is the time to free yourself from attachments and be ready for anything."

I wonder if this Zen Gardner post was in response to the still roiling brouhaha over at the stevebeckow.com site and the “failed” (in 3-D, but certainly not otherwise) trip to the good (space)ship Neptune (see this and this) on the very day that the (spiritual, visionary, escapist, addictive) planet Neptune entered its home sign, Pisces for a 13-year run, and set us all up for a joyride to the stars in our eyes. As one of the 300 plus who were ready, willing, and able to lift-off Earth for ten days with my dog, I found the entire five day experience of preparation and then revelation exhilarating, and thank Steve for the opportunity to participate in this collective Gedanken experiment.

Gardner’s views on being prepared for anything — anything!— echo James Gilliland’s, on the attitude needed to prepare for possible contact with our space brothers and sisters.

Yes. Stay loose, centered, alert, able to not only “roll with the punches” but to integrate paradox as a matter of course. And, I would add, cultivate an expanding spherical consciousness that knows no limits. The center is everywhere. You are in the center. Stay there. And breathe.

Thanks to zengardner.com.

When Your Back’s Against The Wall..Don’t Be There

February 8, 2012

by Zen Gardner

Just don’t be there. If lt all possible you shouldn’t be in a place like that. If you can avoid getting pinned against anything, that’s your smartest move. That’s why I like to keep moving. But you can’t be carrying a lot of baggage if you want to do that, physically or spiritually.

Now’s a good time to free yourself from attachments and be ready for anything. Each according to his own, but you don’t want to get caught flatfooted if you can avoid it. Again, spiritually or physically.

In my basketball days we had a defensive drill where you’d take your stance and the coach would come and try to push you over. If you were on your heels you’d fall back quick and easy. But if you’re in a ready stance, knees bent, arched back, on your toes with your hands extended for balance, you not only couldn’t be pushed over, you could easily move side to side, front to back, block passes and shots, and even steal the ball.


I honestly believe preparedness is more spiritual than anything, although the physical is also imperative.

We’re going to see some weird stuff in the coming months and years and our antenna’s need to be up and our listening on full alert. I’m sure you’ve heard the stories, but many a time people get premonitions – intuitive forwarnings – that turn out to be life savers sometimes for whole families.

We need to learn to operate in that realm.

It can’t be hacked, spied upon or blocked. The only thing that jams it is fear and distraction.

The Power of Distraction

If you’ve ever had your pocket picked you’ve probably experienced how deftly distraction can be used. One of their techniques is to put pressure on one part of your body–usually your shoulder or upper back, while they lift your wallet out. Your body sensors are concentrating on the main pressure and don’t register the other. They’ll also do a complete hit as if they were accidentally bumping into you. Apologies are exchanged and you don’t realize till afterwards you’ve been robbed.

Another interesting technique is they’ll work in a group, which is usually the case, and one will say “watch out, there’s pickpockets on the train” as they walk past. You’ll instinctively reach down and pat the pocket or wherever you’re carrying your wallet or valuables to see if they’re OK. Guess who was watching just behind you?

Scam on. And the whole matrix is a scam, never forget that.

Caught flat footed…can be lethal.

Stay on the Offensive

They say the best defense is a good offense. Not totally sure about that but the point is a good one. Try to stay on the offensive and not let yourself get put on the defensive. You learn this in conversation or if you’ve ever had to deal with the media. Really smart people will take a derogatory or leading question from some talking head and say, “I’m glad you asked that question..” and then go on to say whatever they want, ignoring the trap-laden question altogether.

We just have to be smart, especially in troublesome times and now with this gestapo and snitch society mindset moving in on us.

Fear is the killer, but mobility, taking the initiative instead of just reacting, and keeping a listening heart will keep you and your family safe more than anything.

What a Lert looks like..

But if you get pinned?

That’s entirely up to you and your situation.

I just don’t think it’s healthy to have a stand-off mindset as it invites trouble and plays into their hands.

Be well. Stay alert at all times. Driving consciously is a good illustration, noticing every little thing around you and listening for warnings. You can be the best driver in the world but didn’t slow down, stop or turn when Consciousness told you to.


It doesn’t have to happen. Don’t resign or relinquish yourself to anything.

Stay tuned in and turned on. It actually makes all this insanity a fun ride.

Surf’s up!

Love, Zen

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