James Gilliland: Seven steps to positive ET contact

Very much appreciate this perspective on what did and did not happen last week with the planned Voyage to the Stars initiated by Steve Beckow. (See the many posts on his site; and see my own response to it.) I do feel that the suffering caused by the fact that the voyage did not take place was due to attachment to results, and that only when we center ourselves within for any eventuality, will we be able to connect, not just with each other, but with our brothers and sisters in the cosmos.

Thanks to stevebeckow.com.

ECETI News: UFO Mountain

February 5, 2012

Originally posted by Jon Kelly | Vancouver UFO Examiner

On this week’s episode of UFO Mountain (http://UFOMountian.com) James Gilliland describes seven steps to positive ET contact. The weekly online UFO documentary series explores ET contact at the ECETI Ranch and the reported UFO base inside of Mt. Adams. A renowned UFO videographer and contactee, James Gilliland is the founder of Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (ECETI). ECETI has facilitated contact events for thousands of people from around the world at the ranch facility near Mt. Adams, Washington.

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In his exclusive on camera segment, James Gilliland outlines seven steps to positive ET contact on UFO Mountain. “In order to make a positive contact we have to rise to the occasion. We have to have an open mind, a loving heart and pure intent. We don’t need to be rocket scientists. We just have to have that desire to live in harmony with each other and the planet and be in ‘service mode’.”

The following exploration of James Gilliland’s seven steps to positive contact with extraterrestrial intelligence includes commentary by SecretMessageTV producer, Jon Kelly that draws from Ufology along with inspired classical and contemporary spiritual philosophy.

Step One

“In order to make a positive contact we have to rise to the occasion.”

Comment: Attempting to establish positive contact with extraterrestrial intelligence will challenge us in ways that will provide opportunities to learn more about ourselves and the nature of the world around us.

We may risk losing everything in our attempt to makes this contact a reality. The Bhagavad Giita describes the influence of Maya (creative principle causing the illusion that finite objects are the ultimate truth of life) as “almost insurmountable”.

In Ufology, it is widely known how Roswell witnesses were subject to military intimidation and threat of assassination.

Ufologist Dennis Balthaser explains: “Probably one of the most publicized threats made against a civilian were those made to Glenn Dennis, the mortician at Ballard Funeral Home. Glenn told Stanton Friedman in an interview in 1989 that, “Upon arriving at the base medical facility with an injured airman, he was met inside the infirmary by an MP (Military Policeman), who wanted to know who Glenn was, where he was from and what business he had there?” Glenn then met a nurse he knew, who asked him, “how did you get in here” and she told him, “My God, you’re going to get killed.” Shortly after that a big red-headed Captain asked the MPs what Glenn was doing there and ordered them to remove him from the building which they did, following him back to the funeral home. Glenn told researchers, Schmitt and Randle that when the Captain threatened him; he replied to the Captain “he could go to hell because he was a civilian”. The Captain responded by saying,”Don’t kid yourself young man, somebody will be picking your bones out of the sand.””

Step Two

“We have to have an open mind.”

Comment: Extraterrestrial intelligence can manifest in unexpected ways. Due to psychological defects, we may be unable to perceive incidents of contact although they may be occurring continuously around us. When our minds our unlimited we are able to perceive these interactions and engage productively in them. The Bhagavad Giita describes Samadhi as the ultimate state of open-mindedness, the condition in which a person is able to comprehend infinity.

In Ufology, Open Minds is also the name of the production company behind the annual International UFO Congress held near Phoenix, Arizona.

Step Three

“[We have to have] a loving heart.”

Comment: The entire universe is made out of love and a heart that is attuned to this vibration is open to receiving loving contact from members of a universal family. In yoga, the 12 “tepals” of the heart cakra yantra represent the various emotions or “vrittis” regulated by this part of the mind. These can include hope, anxiety, attempting, possessiveness, vanity, capacity for discrimination, restlessness, pride, instability, hypocrisy, argumentativeness and regret. A heart that is clouded by an overdeveloped sense of pride will not be able to receive the maximum benefit from partaking in a cosmic flow of love. Practice that cultivates the heart’s devotional loving potential is called Bhakti Yoga in the Bhagavad Giita.

Step Four

“[We have to have] pure intent.”

Comment: A pure intent is one not attached to the outcome of any action. The Bhagavad Giita describes how actions are to be performed without attachment to or aspiration for the fruits of those actions, stating how the result of one’s work must not be the object of concentration while that work is being performed. In other words, Krsna (the principal character in the Giita) did not want people to identify their minds with finite results, but with infinite bliss, a pristine condition beyond all actions and consequences. The Giita defines this manner of conduct asKarma Yoga.

Step Five

“We have to have that desire to live in harmony with each other.”

Comment: Our social experience has to be based on harmony and integration, not conflict and separation. Our ability to form and sustain integral social bonds with those near to us establishes the foundation for healthy social bonding with entities from distant stars. A social and economic theory developed in 1959 by the late Indian scholar-author and activist Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar that speaks to this issue is called Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT).

Step Six

“[We have to have that desire to live in harmony with] the planet.”

Comment: Our relationship with the environment must be harmonious and reciprocal, not violent and exploitative. Our respect for the well-being of this planet and all of its inhabitants (including animals and plants) establishes the foundation of accepting responsibility for property and beings from other worlds. P. R. Sarkar said that, “When the underlying spirit of humanism is extended to everything, animate and inanimate, in this universe – I have designated this as ‘Neohumanism‘. This Neohumanism will elevate humanism to universalism, the cult of love for all created beings of this universe.”

Step Seven

“[We have to] be in ‘service mode’.”

Comment: Putting the needs of others first and particularly the needs of the most needy and defenseless before our own aligns our lives with the desire of a cosmic extraterrestrial intelligence that is concerned with the welfare of the entire universe. Maintaining such conduct will certainly qualify people for all manner of positive contact experiences throughout their lifetimes until the time when they are absorbed in positivity and merge with complete identification into absolute bliss.

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