The Daily Bell Editorial: On the Robo-Signing Mortgage State Settlement

I find this a very interesting editorial, given that it takes Ellen Brown, one of my heroes, to task. I tend to agree with the staff of thedailybell that the best of all worlds would be one where we essentially do nothing (no global “New World Order,” certainly; plus: no “revolution,” or armed insurrection, got that?) — and, I would add, look out for one another as much as possible — while watching the now terminally bloated “state” devolve and degrade to the point where what is left are the now re-emerging local and regional economies and cultures, whose interconnected inhabitants (remember how to) lean on one another and the natural resilience of their particular bioregions.

VIDEO: Yes! Robo-Signing Mortgage State Settlement Something to Cheer About

Tuesday, February 07, 2012 – by Staff Report

Officials from more than 40 states have signed onto a record $25 billion settlement with the five biggest banks related to foreclosure abuses including “robo-signing” of documents. For the past year, President Obama has advocated for a mortgage relief plan with the five biggest mortgage servicers, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Ally Financial, to settle an investigation of foreclosure abuses. Evidence of robo-signing foreclosure documents began to show in 2010 during a record national wave of foreclosed homes. “This enables us to move forward into the very final stages of remaining work. Federal and state officials, as well as representatives from the banks, continue to address matters that they must complete before finalizing any settlement,” Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller said in a statement late Monday. – Los Angeles Times

Dominant Social Theme: OK, it’s not perfect but it’s a beginning. Now let’s get some serious regulation focused on the problem.

Free-Market Analysis: The Los Angeles Times columnist David Lazarus has posted a video commentary on “robo-signing” saying that while the pending deal (see excerpt above) with leading mortgage lenders isn’t the best possible outcome for homeowners, it’s probably the best they can hope for.

Lazarus uses a couple of super-hero dolls to illustrate his points. He explains that mortgage-holders “played by the rules” while the banks did not. The US$25 billion settlement isn’t perfect, but at least it will get some money back to mortgage holders and defer some foreclosures.

Banks, he says, will continue to practice shady lending but the way to deal with banks in the mortgage field is to focus on them aggressively with government regulation.

Lazarus’s remarks are supported by canny, alternative journalists like Ellen Brown; an article of hers on the mortgage mess has circulated widely recently. In it, Ms. Brown makes the point that the mortgage mess needs SERIOUS investigation to find out what the banks did.

She makes the point that the robo-signing fraud, in which machines, not people, signed mortgage contracts, was implemented to increase liquidity for the largest fund companies even though it wasn’t a legal practice.

Like Lazarus, Ms. Brown believes the only serious solution to the mortgage mess is SERIOUS regulation. She states this forcefully in her article, entitled “Why the AGs Must Not Settle: Robo-signing Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg”.

Ms. Brown writes: “Hundreds of years of history have demonstrated that the only reliable guarantor is the government itself … Banking and credit need to be public utilities, operated for the benefit of the public in plain sight of the public.”

We have great respect for Ms. Brown and for the myriad mainstream and alternative news outlets that posted her article on Robo-signing. By posting well-written views in cyber-space on a regular basis, Ms. Brown incites both conversation and controversy.

We do, however, disagree with her conclusions, and have disagreed with them – mildly or emphatically – from the point in time when we became fully aware of their ramifications. We continue to be convinced that “bigness” serves no one but the most powerful and wealthy among us.

In fact, as we argue every day, modern Western governments do NOT serve the people. They have been taken over behind the scenes by the same handful of families – and their enablers and associates – that control the world’s central banks.

These families are interested, it seems, in creating one-world government. They do this by using mercantilism – conflating government laws and regs with their personal interests – that enshrines their wealth making processes as law.

One can see this with central banking. These families apparently control more central banks around the world printing money-from-nothing.

But in order to facilitate this privilege, the Anglosphere power elite has actually passed laws – almost everywhere throughout the world – ensuring that central banks and their money-printing privileges are the LAW OF THE LAND.

One can see from this example that Western regulatory democracies are prone to manipulation by those with the most money. And if you can print money virtually at will, then the chances are you will dominate the societies in which you live.

Even leaving aside the issue of how pliable regulatory democracy is when it comes to those who want to manipulate it using great wealth, there are probably other reasons why we want to be careful how big we want to make government and how much power we want to give it.

That’s because laws and central banking policies are basically price fixes, transferring wealth from those who create it to those who do not and likely won’t use it as effectively.

In fact, most reputable economists will admit that price-fixing is a bad, distortive idea that basically makes everyone poorer. So why then, would anyone want to make government even BIGGER and more distortive?

Finally, we just don’t trust government. In the 20th century alone, we believe governments (according to studies like Black Book’s) may have been responsible for the cold-blooded deaths of up to 150 million.

But beyond the murder and mayhem, there is the idea of what we call directed history. We’ve come to the conclusion that much of the history of the 20th century was in a sense falsified in order to create a trend toward global government.

We believe the Anglosphere elites that want what is popularly known as a New World Order are behind these events. How else to explain that almost every major disaster and war always ends up in a call for MORE central government, more bigness and more authoritarianism generally?

People are not apt to call for an abnegation of their responsibilities and freedoms, yet for the past 100-plus years at least, this is just what’s been happening. As a result, we have in place a full spectrum of global governance, including the UN, NATO, IMF and various trade forums and international criminal and civil courts.

Perhaps this all a kind of “coincidence.” But the architecture of global governance has been erected in about 50 years, actually, which is pretty darn fast. Seems like there’s a pattern to us.

And that brings us back to this robo-signing mortgage mess. And why we’re glad that the big banks are getting off the hook.

We WANT the facilities created by the Anglosphere to keep practicing business-as-usual, along with the regulatory authorities that supposedly supervise them. We want them to do so because it’s the only way, in our humble view, that people will ever start getting the idea that something has GONE SERIOUSLY WRONG.

The power elite in aggregate is pretty darn clever (as we would be too if we controlled tens of trillions) and the solutions to the problems that are apparently purposefully being caused are always the same and include the utilization of authorities that the elites have created and continually manipulate.

In other words, you are not going to “clean up corruption” or “get to the bottom” of the robo-signing mortgage mess by having “AGs” look into the matter.

In fact, the US “justice system,” with some six million under lock-and-key for a variety of offences such as smoking a marijuana cigarette at the wrong time in the wrong place, is as corrupt and vicious as it gets.

We’ve made the point over and over now that what will salvage Western society in the long-term is a gradual erosion of the current elitist system. It won’t happen through investigations or even violent revolution, however.

It will happen, eventually, when people quietly and firmly decide to “opt out.” They will be so sick of the corruption and evil in a system that portrays good as bad and truth as lies that they will not be able to bring themselves to participate in it anymore.

That’s the only way in our view. Like the Incans and Mayans before, sick to death of the bloodshed of their own priestly class, people will have to metaphoricaly melt back into the woods and mountains from whence they came.

It won’t be so bad. Leave archeologists of the future to argue about whether it was global warming or crop disaster that caused the failure of the current magnificent Western civilization.

Meanwhile people can begin to live again without being endlessly taxed by tithes and “clipping.” Their children can grow up drinking raw milk and eating fresh vegetables. They’ll have a chance to live rather than to be sacrificed in nonsensical, elitist, foreign wars.

This settlement is merely one more indication that the system itself – in the US and in the European Union, too – is a terminal one. There is nothing that can be done to fix it. There is nothing that can be done to “fix” Wall Street, either, in our view.

There is nothing that can be done to fix the banking industry, which more and more looks to be a large money-laundering facility for drugs and gambling – neither of which should be illegal in the first place.

People need to evolve their systems and societies toward natural law and what worked in the past – smaller, flexible communities and private justice where people solved their problems on their own or with the help of a local intermediary.

Nationalism, globalism, communism, capitalism … these are all “isms” that serve as distractions from what matters most – organizing society along habitable and merciful lines with an emphasis on local control and the kind of human action that free-markets support.

Sound like a pipe dream? Maybe so. But the Internet Reformation – a broad array of information on the Internet that is challenging the dominant social themes of the elite – continues to make an impact. Global warming, the war on terror, even politics-as-usual have all come under attack thanks to the Internet’s alternative media.

It sounds terrible to say it, but we don’t want the facilities of the US empire – its fiercesome Intel agencies – to enforce equally fiercesome laws in the name of “justice.” Justice, as it is administered today, is nothing more than another elite dominant social theme aimed at further expanding the foundation of world government.

Give us a peaceful sociopolitical evolution away from the monstrous system that has been erected around us. Give us a way out of the matrix of control that distorts our lives from birth to death – and our children’s lives and future too.

We do not look for justice from the terminally damaged US system. We look for solutions that are mentioned in the US Constitution and certainly in the US Declaration of Independence. These emphasize natural law, human action and individual liberty. They are the building blocks upon which the US in particular was founded – as a republic.

The idea that the modern-day US Leviathan is capable of providing “justice” for those denuded of houses and treasure by the robo-signing mortgage scam strikes us as unrealistic for all these reasons and more.

Perhaps you disagree with us. Heck, likely you do. We’re sure Lazarus does. You can see his video here:

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