Not just "give peace a chance." World peace is our ONLY alternative.

And I don’t mean “world peace” as trotted out in the deus ex machina (or was it diablo ex machina) finale of Madonna’s obscene ritual offering to the 1% at the Superbowl. There, the words, “world peace” flashed out as a mockery of all that our hearts hold dear.

No. Real world peace. What follows is a simple — not simple-minded, just the simple truth — description of how capitalism, war, “growth” on a finite planet, environmental degradation, poverty, and the current financial end-game are all fused into a gigantic land mine due to implode soon, unless we find a way to defuse it first. Thanks to

World Peace Becomes Possible

(A few years ago, fellow named Jay wrote this for the Willie Nelson’s Peace Research Institute. I edited it down to the highlights, with added photos, quotes and a John Perkins’ Video.)

You can find numerous pundits explaining the inevitability of disaster and the impending collapse due to the loss of national financial sovereignty to transnational banking cartels. A world at peace would have solved problems or be actively working on solving them.Today a world at war only pushes these problems toward greater complications, unnecessary suffering and death. Now is the time to embrace world peace. Peace may have seemed like an idealistic option once upon a time. Peace has emerged as the only viable solution for a sane and sustainable world. The world has forever been changed. The basic conditions of current economics, commonly referred to as capitalism, can no longer function the same as it has for hundreds of years. The conditions that supported capitalism no longer exist. Capitalism is based upon employees producing more value than they are paid. This basic relationship has always been a cornerstone of capitalistic economics. Since those who work cannot afford everything they produce, capitalistic businesses must find markets outside of the capitalistic work force. Without these outside areas to sell the surplus value produced by employees capitalism would not be able to realize a profit.

(Been hearing most of my 54 years, musicians singing about getting back to the garden, or they paved paradise and put in a parking lot, and that they are scorching this earth, without hearing nature calling. I hope someday the American Natives get justice. Yet all they will want, is to teach us This Old Cree Prophecy: “When the last tree has withered, when the last fish has been caught, and when the last river has been poisoned, Mankind will know that he can not eat money.” I hope we have enough time to get down from the 390+ co2 parts per million, we are at, to the 350 they say we need to be at to sustain Beautiful Mother Earth. We could have a real cool life if we can combine all this Tech stuff with being good stewards of this planet we are flying through space on.)

Native Peace by Internet

Secondly, once a profit is realized by selling to outside markets then those profits must at least in part be used to expand the scope of capitalistic production. These requirements of capitalism to find new markets and to convert new lands to capitalistic production have always been part of capitalism. These capitalistic requirements have led to a continuous string of wars for resources and military intervention in other people’s governments. These capitalistic requirements have rewarded violent and destructive exploitation of natural resources and all life forms. People who resisted the ruthless exploitation of their lands have been eradicated or are now facing genocide. Calls to end these wars of conquest and resource extraction have been shouted down by capitalists claiming their necessity. Now there are no more external markets to buy capitalistic production. Now there are no more foreign lands to convert to the capitalistic system. Global banking interests and global transnational energy cartels have restructured money and oil independent of any national interests. We are living through a total restructuring of world power, for most of us, the transition may not be smooth.

(Can we do what Lincoln did to fund the Civil War? Have heard quite a number of other people saying that we could. What if these debt free notes we printed, were used to invest in Worker Owned Cooperatives? Those would be good jobs worth having. Lets picture having Farmers grow Hemp, for the paper, plastics, cloths, and among many other products, the Bio-fuel we could produce from it. Though have heard from an energy engineer that Wind is the best way to produce electricity for the electric cars.)

Lincoln’s Monetary Breakthrough

“The bankers had Lincoln’s government over a barrel, just as Wall Street has Congress in its vice-like grip today. The North needed money to fund a war, and the bankers were willing to lend it only under circumstances that amounted to extortion, involving staggering interest rates of 24 to 36 percent. Lincoln saw that this would bankrupt the North and asked a trusted colleague to research the matter and find a solution. In what may be the best piece of advice ever given to a sitting President, Colonel Dick Taylor of Illinois reported back that the Union had the power under the Constitution to solve its financing problem by printing its money as a sovereign government.” Taylor said: “Just get Congress to pass a bill authorizing the printing of full legal tender treasury notes . . . and pay your soldiers with them and go ahead and win your war with them also. If you make them full legal tender . . . they will have the full sanction of the government and be just as good as any money; as Congress is given that express right by the Constitution”

I have worked as Union Electrician in a good part of this land. And the Union Brothers taught me well about how things should work for the regular Folks. My dream is to fulfill Isaiah 23:17-18 and 24:21-24 where the kings of the earth are thrown (more…)
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