JFK, UFOs, and the timing of the Kennedy assassination

Here is a particularly interesting item that Fred Burks included in his weekly compilation for subscribers of interesting stories from the MSM at wanttoknow.info. I left the story exactly as is, including the font size, and the phrases he put in bold letters.

Is that JFK memo to the CIA about UFOs real?
April 21, 2011, MSNBC

A story that combines UFO cover-ups with the assassination of John F. Kennedy is … just what author William Lester says he uncovered while conducting research for a new book on Kennedy: a memo written by JFK and addressed to the CIA in which the president requests confidential information about UFOs. In the never-before-seen, top secret memo supposedly written on Nov. 12, 1963, the president ordered the CIA director to organize the agency’s intelligence files relating to UFOs, and to debrief him on all “unknowns” by the following February. Ten days later, Kennedy was assassinated. Lester, a paranormal researcher and author of the new book A Celebration of Freedom: JFK and the New Frontier … said he obtained the memo along with two others from the CIA under the Freedom of Information Act. “The government regularly declassifies documents after a certain amount of time goes by, and then you have to file a request for those documents,” Lester [said]. “When I was in the process of filing, those letters had just become declassified and released to the public.” This happened in 2006 or 2007, Lester said. “At the time, I think other people were getting them too.” Some archivists question its authenticity. A research technician at the JFK Library in Boston, who asked not to be named, was unable to find a carbon copy of it in its presidential archive, which holds copies of all of JFK’s letters.

Note: Fred has made a FOIA request. We’ll see if it turns up anything. To see the memo and more,click here. For an excellent selection of news article excerpts suggesting a major cover-up of UFOs,click here. For an abundance or resources from reliable sources on UFOs, see our UFO information center available here.

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