Neptune enters Pisces on February 4th, to remain in its home sign until 2025.

Some planetary sign changes have personal relevance, some have social, and some belong to cycles so long that they symbolize an atmospheric shift in the winds that encircle the world. We are about to go through the final one of three such shifts in the weltanschauung.

First, in 2008, deep, penetrating, “death and rebirth” Pluto plunged into the structural, status-quo sign of Capricorn, to scour, disembowel, and ultimately reconfigure the foundations of our civilizational infrastructure — for eighteen years.

Next, briefly in 2010, then in for good in 2011, brilliant, unpredictable, inventive, explosive Uranus electrified Aries, sign of impulsive, individual freedom, to foment rebellion, revolution, and ultimately evolution in consciousness — for seven years.

Since 2009, Uranus and Pluto have been edging closer and closer into a tense, 90° alignment, “Uranus square Pluto.” This square will exactly clash six times between now and the end of 2015. Expect shocks to continue, and to reverberate more and more deeply.

Now we experience the third and final world-changing shift of this transition period between old and new epochs, and this one, Neptune in Pisces, will, hopefully, begin to weave together in a new, more sensitive, compassionate manner, all that the Uranus/Pluto combination is wrenching apart.

Since Neptune takes about 164 years to complete a cycle, none of us live long enough to experience its full cycle. Since we can’t complete one cycle of Neptune within one lifetime, neither can we control or predict its action upon and within us. Rather, Neptune remains out of reach, mysterious, feeling like a god or goddess from the beyond, larger than our lifetimes, larger than life.

Neptune enters Pisces, its home sign, where it will remain for fourteen years, on February 4. From now through 2025, we will undergo the gradual dissolution of the boundaries that divide us and surrender to oneness. That’s the up-side. On the downside, those who choose to remain in denial will lose themselves ever more deeply into addiction, escapism, entertainment, victimization.

The problem is, how do we know which is which? Such is the confusion, illusion, delusion of Neptune. The answer: we don’t know. Not really.

Remember, the apparent cycle of Neptune around Earth is a long one, 164 years of Earth time. Neptune dipped its toes in the water of Pisces in 2011, from April4 through August 4. Then Neptune retrograded back into Aquarius, the sign where it magically wove the differentiated nervous system of humanity into a single global brain, or “noosphere,” what we casually refer to, and have become entrained into, “the internet.” Now, as Neptune begins its equally long and mysterious journey through its home sign of Pisces, our experience of its energy will gradually modulate into a new flavor, a new coloration, a subtly shifted tone from electric, mental, “open-source” Aquarian air to emotional, dreamy, visionary Piscean water.

The last time Neptune entered Pisces was in 1848, three days prior to the publication of Communist Manifesto, a doctrine that advanced the abolition of private property and the distribution of all goods equally to those who need them. This attitude toward “property,” is not surprising, given that Neptune is not materialistic, but decidedly otherworldly in nature.

At the hour and minute of my own birth as an earthling in human form, this same mystical planet Neptune sat within two degrees of the highest point in the heavens in San Antonio, Texas. Given this nebulous planet “on my Midheaven,” is it surprising that for decades, when anyone asks “what do you do? (for a living)” I reply, “what level do you want to talk on?” That usually sends them scuttling. I don’t mind. And the few who remain gladly travel with me into other dimensions.

But the glasses can be rose-colored. And “Neptune conjunct the Midheaven,” can be trouble.

For example, 40 years ago I was acquainted with a brilliant, charismatic professor of literature who had the reputation of coming to class drunk: Neptune at the Midheaven. For Neptune is not only mystical, it also signifies any state or situation that erases boundaries. We call these Neptunian states or situations, or, persons — mystical, drunk, out-of-it, other-worldly, deceptive, glamorous, spell-binding, spiritual, illusory, magical, escapist, deluded, visionary, service-oriented, sacrificial, addictive — yes, all these adjectives can apply and often do. And though I list them in no particular order, they can also be classified according to evolutionary position on the ladder of consciousness, one might say, though the words “classification,” “order,” “position” and “ladder” are decidedly foreign to Neptune’s infinity, its fullness which is, at once and paradoxically, emptiness. Neptune signifies the void, the cosmos, the oceanic depths, ether. Neptune is that which cannot be caught, held, formed, congealed. Neptune is slippery, fluidic; Neptune is chi, ki, tao, the love/light that fills and fuels the universe, circulating continuously everywhere at every level. There is no end to it. And no beginning.

Neptune favors meditation, the subtle, spacious awareness that lies below the mind, that unites all phenomena, the boundless into which all forms rise and fall like waves on the sea.

Just prior to Neptune’s initial entrance into Pisces in 2011, and on the very day that explosive Uranus left Pisces after its 7-year sojourn there, we shuddered through Japan’s tsunami/earthquake. Expect more flooding now. Flooding of all kinds, not just water, but the water of emotions, feelings, memories, as humanity’s heart center begins to flood into the space within and between us. If Neptune in Aquarius joined us all equally in the electronic nervous system we call “the internet,” Neptune in Pisce will open the global heart space of humanity, torquing us into a human murmuration like starlings in the wind or schools of fish in the ocean — to the point when we will naturally move as one in the direction we are all longing to go, towards home. The home of the cosmic source from whence we all arose, and kept going out, separating more and more in order to fully individuate.

That individuation process is now complete; now we will begin to feel ourselves bending towards each other, indeed, towards the one — whether or not we want to or care to. The times will prove propitious for this. (See Bosnia story).

And, wouldn’t you know, this Saturday, on the very day that Neptune moves into Pisces, I, as a dreamy Neptunian, have applied to be a member of a delegation of earthlings who go on a ten-day journey to visit an intergalactic mothership called “Neptune”! Wonderful synchronicity there . . . See the site to learn more about this audacious opportunity, this planned Voyage to the Stars which will either make a laughing stock out of all who ask to go on this journey (if in fact, nothing, happens), or it will initiate hundreds of willing ambassadors into the rigors of sharing with others here at home, on Earth, news about our travels — where we went, who was there, and what we did. And who knows what else! If this event really happens, then we have “disclosure.” Already. From the bottom up. From the people themselves. Occupy Disclosure.

Which reminds me. I think I’ll read George Adamski again before Saturday, his wonderful book, “Inside the Spaceships.” Back in the 1950s, Adamski withstood ridicule, despite being all alone in his experiences. Now we are legion. It will be hard for earthlings to deny all of us when we can each instantly show them the hundreds of photos we took on our iPhones.

Or are we about to become a “cult”? Well, if so, that’s another Neptunian word, signifying being mesmerized by something or other, having, ahem, so to speak, stars in our eyes.

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