"i am fishhead": New film about corporate psychopathology

More and more, we, the 99.99%, are becoming aware that “those guys” are not like us. Or, maybe we should say that they have been conditioned not to experience their naturally empathic selves, and so have been twisted into becoming the most lonely people we could ever imagine. Moreover, if we take Law of One material seriously, then we need to honor and acknowledge this tiny segment of humanity, for their presence creates the polarity which opens the way for us to grow through the exercise of our free will. Over and over again, as we make decisions, this way or that way, service-to-others or service-to-self, we evolve our perspective and expand our compassion — into the ultimate goal of oneness, at which point even the 001% will have folded back into unity.

And my on my, we certainly are growing now; as Occupy continues to reverberate, more and more of us are reawakening to the need for an ethical foundation to ensure a just, equitable, and sustainable society.

Now there’s a movie about the subject of corporate sociopathy. Thanks to ecobuddhism. Includes a nine-minute trailer for the movie (couldn’t load).

“I am fishead”

A film about psychopathy, empathy, society & corporations

January, 2012

by Misha Votruba & Vaclav Dejcmar

Featuring: Robert Hare PhD, Paul Babiak PhD, James Fowler PhD, Nicholas Christakis PhD & Vaclav Havel

The style of this film (noir!) may not be for everyone, but it features the insights of world experts in the field and presents their key findings and distinctions in an easily understood way. Here are many causative factors of the existential and spiritual crisis of the 21st century. The film concludes with a touching piece on empathy from the late Vaclav Havel. A trailer is presented below, but best to see the whole film if you can.

[Trailer]: WATCH#1 from fishead on Vimeo.

Every meaningful change starts with awareness. In our culture, we not only praise psychopaths in the highest positions of power, but in many cases, they became our role models.
– Votruba & Dejcmar

To view the film online, go to www.FHmovie.com to get a password to watch it.

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