Update 1/23/12 from truth “On Friday, activists in more than 130 cities in 46 states across the country “occupied” their federal courts on the eve of the second anniversary of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.”

Dear friends!

This may be the most crucial petition we have ever been asked to sign, and this common cause video telling about it needs to go viral. Attorney turned economist Robert Reich offers an easy- to-understand sketch board lesson on corporate corruption of our democratic politics through the unlimited, anonymous flow of big money.

Even so, let us remember, and let us send a kiss of greeting to the 1% . . .

Dear .001%,

You have the bucks.

But we have the numbers.


The 99.99%

Collectively, we the people in Wisconsin signed in 1.9 million signatures to impeach Governor Walker. An unprecedented enormity.

And then, on Wednesday January 18th, one out of six websites went dark to protest SOPA and PIPA. Our self-organization gathers energy and focuses through the internet. Of course they want to censor it. We are in the current of the flow. They have the bucks, but we have the numbers. And that is going to become more and more pronounced, crucial, and visceral as this (final?) year of the old “New World Order” flies by, faster and faster, whirling ever more and more chaotic and exciting, until suddenly —or, more likely, subtly, gradually, imperceptibly — the tide begins to turn, and humans begin to remember to bow before the miracle of the living universe.

And once that happens, change is easy. The dominos start to fall. We ask ourselves, in every instance where a choice must be made: how would nature do it? And then mimic that, as closely as possible.

The template of transformation is looping itself around our entire civilization. Gradually, over time, it penetrates outward as it expands within — and vice versa. We can meet with the living stars and galaxies, and with the atoms and electrons of our cells. All are alive, conscious and conscientious. All have their part to play within the whole. Each of us a cell in a larger organ, and each organ a cell in an organ even larger, and so on, in all directions, no end to mystery.

Our spaceship Earth is one planet in one tiny solar system in one tiny galaxy, temporarily harboring our spirits as they overnight dense physical bodies for a short sojourn in which we forget who we really are while learning how to further our evolution by utilizing free will to make more and more conscious, discerning choices. Like whether or not to sign this petition.

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