Ron Paul's campaign targets secret black budget?

Michael Salla, who has exposed America’s secret annual trillion dollar black budget, see this, now comments on implications for second-place-in New Hampshire’s Ron Paul and his campaign to altogether eliminate five federal departments, the very departments from which the monies for this black budget are secretly pulled. Salla prefers that others do not include his articles in toto, so here’s an excerpt. Go to for the full comment.

Ron Paul’s Plan to Restore America challenges secret trillion dollar Black Budget

January 11, 2012.

by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Ron’s Paul’s strong second place finish in New Hampshire’s Presidential Primary greatly raises his prospects in the Republican Presidential race, and will lead to more attention on his policies. Paul’s policies are laid out in his “Plan to Restore America” where he targets five cabinet level departments for elimination: Energy, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Commerce, Interior, and Education. The resulting cuts would enable Paul to attain his economic goals of balancing the U.S. budget in three years and cutting the budget by one trillion dollars in his first year. The pros and cons of Paul’s radical economic plan is likely to be vigorously debated in the mainstream media in the months ahead during the Republican Presidential primary. Unlikely to appear in these debates is discussion of the community that is likely to be most impacted if Paul succeeds in implementing his Plan to Restore America – those benefiting directly from America’s deepest held secret. Ron Paul’s “Plan to Restore America” is a direct challenge to America’s secret trillion dollar Black Budget.

Paul’s growing popularity and increasing possibility that he may emerge as a dark horse candidate to win the Republican nomination has led to increased scrutiny of his voting record and past associations. That has led to some controversy over decades-old newsletters published under his name, and support for conspiracy theories that go too far in the opinion of the mainstream press. The key behind Paul’s growing support are his firm libertarian views about cutting back on the size of the Federal government, supporting individual liberties and ending foreign U.S. military interventions. The heart of Paul’s economic message is outlined in his “Plan to Restore America” Paul’s plan to eliminate five cabinet level departments and trillion dollar budget cut appeals to a cross spectrum of American society, while also alarming some Americans that benefit from a host of programs funded by these Federal departments. It will be surprise to many that among those likely to be most alarmed by Paul’s “Plan to Restore America” are not private citizens; but powerful corporate, government and military entities that use excesses, inefficiencies and waste in these five government departments as a cover for secretly funding a vast network of classified projects. A secret trillion dollar Black Budget has been created to fund this network of projects, which has all been hidden from most Americans, the media, the U.S. Congress, and even the President himself!

The ‘official’ black budget comprises single line items in the Department of Defense (DoD) budget that don’t refer to any real weapons system. These single line items are covers for a Congressionally sanctioned and publicly funded ‘black budget’ – a top secret slush fund for intelligence organizations such as the CIA, and classified weapons programs by the DoD. There is, however, a second black budget that is not congressionally sanctioned, but it is nevertheless publicly funded – America’s ‘unofficial’ black budget.



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  1. After reading Dr Sallas’s several books, one little fact kept pounding itself into me: It is currently “illegal” to implement any comprehensive, computerized, government financial accounting system accross all departments of government that would account for every dollar. This is a simple tast to achieve under modern technology yet was orchestrated into law by CIA insistence th be illegal.

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